Meeting point for art, culture and society

The Torre Iberdrola represents the company's commitment to art and culture as it also serves as a public exhibition space.

The building's lobby itself contains some important works: "Natura Imaginis", a huge mural by the painter Jesús María Lazkano that recreates the roots of the Urdaibai nature reserve; "Paisaje nocturno I y II", by the Bilbao artist Darío Urzay; and a sculpture by Cristina Iglesias, in the shape of lattices hanging from the ceiling at the entrance to the auditorium, with a view of the estuary and the Paseo de Abandoibarra.

In addition, its 25th floor is a frequent venue for exhibitions. Currently the Torre Iberdrola is showing the exhibition of contemporary art entitled Variations on a Mexican theme, featuring a selection of 130 paintings, objects, installations, photographs, book, film and video from public and private collections. Inaugurated by the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, the exhibition is open to shareholders from 11 April to 13 May and after that to the general public until 30 June 2016.

The Group's headquarters has previously hosted major exhibitions such as Figurados, Figuraciones, Figurantes, which brought together the museums in the Basque Country for the first time in a joint exhibition entitled The translucent skin and Entre chien et loup.

Iberdrola's commitment to society and art has also been manifested in initiatives such as Switch On /// Actívalo, an interactive work of art expressly designed by the artist Eugenio Ampudia for Shareholder Week 2016. Ampudia has created a system that allows an interactive relationship between the public and the Torre Iberdrola, in which the contents of the participants' telephone calls are translated into concrete pulses which switch on and control the intensity of a series of green LEDs illuminating 300 windows in the building, in the mode of pixels.

Another example of the Torre Iberdrola's openness to public participation is the photography competition organised around the headquarters.

The video gallery shows interviews with the artists linked to the Torre Iberdrola, and the photo gallery contains the prize-winning photo and the work of the five finalists.