First Quarter 2018

The Generation and Retail business increased its EBITDA by 51.6% to €503.6 million.

At the close of the First Quarter 2018:

  • In Spain, EBITDA increased by 46.4% to €224.8 million, thanks to the improved margins arising from the fall in procurement costs, the reduction in taxes on generation and greater retail activity due to an improved volume of electricity sales, as well as products and services.
  • In the United Kingdom, EBITDA amounted to £131.7 million due to the increase in demand, the normalisation of margins as against the compression experienced in the same period of 2017, and reduced procurement costs.
  • In Mexico, EBITDA reached $119.5 million.
  • In Brazil, the consolidation of Neoenergia raised EBITDA to 128.2 millions reais.

Further information on economic-financial and operating data of the Iberdrola Group can be found in the section In Figures, First Quarter 2018 Results Report [PDF] and First Quarter 2018 Results Presentation [PDF].