First Nine months 2017

The Generation and Retail business posts an Ebitda of €1,241M.

At the close of the first Nine months 2017:

  • In Spain, the EBITDA fell to €791.9 million, primarily due to lower hydroelectric production and higher charges, which contrasts with the maximum record attained in the previous year, the latter arising from the publication of favourable rulings in 2016 (2014-2016 Catalan Eco-Tax and 2012-2013 Regional Surcharge).
  • In the United Kingdom, the EBITDA reached £46.5 million.
  • In Mexico, the EBITDA grew 27% to stand at $445.3 million thanks to the additional operational capacity: 314 MW from the combined cycle plant in Baja California for the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission, 300 MW for private clients of the Monterrey V combined cycle plant and 53 MW from the Ramos cogeneration plant.

Further information on economic-financial and operating data of the Iberdrola Group can be found in the section In Figures, Nine months 2017 Results Report [PDF] and Nine months 2017 Results Presentation [PDF].