Iberdrola  supports all initiatives that encourage the development of market mechanisms that aid the transparency of information which may help to facilitate competition in energy markets. The EU regulation regarding the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy markets (REMIT),  requires all generators to publically declare as quickly as possible and in as much detail as possible the current status of power facilities.  This includes any problems at the generation facility that could lead to lower performance or plant outages.

Iberdrola  encourages disclosing this information as accurately as possible on the following web pages. This information is subject to revision and could be updated by Iberdrola in recognition of its obligation to comply with the valid legislation.

Iberdrola provides this information based on its understanding of the principles of transparency and market integration set by REMIT. This does not imply that all information published has to be considered inside information according to the definition given by that regulation.

Full information on REMIT in Spain is available on the Iberdrola Generación España website.

Complete information about REMIT in the UK is available from the following ScottishPower website