OUTLOOK 2016-2020

Iberdrola is making progress on the development of its Plan for 2016-2020 and consolidating its growth

 2016-2020 Plan: H1 Milestones [PDF]            Investors Day

 Outlook 2016-2020 Update [PDF]

The Group continues to make progress in the development of its Strategic Outlook for 2016-2020 and 90% -approximately €22,000M- of the investments of the plan, reaching €25,000M, will be allocated to projects that have already been delivered, are currently in progress or to which the company has committed.

Iberdrola is currently executing renewable energy and contracted generation projects for over 6,300 MW and another 1,350 MW will be commissioned during the second half of the year, mainly from renewable energy sources. Some of the main milestones of the first half of the year include the following, classified by business:

Outlook Infograph 1H.

In addition, the Group continues to make good progress in its investments for 2020 and upcoming years, with the purpose of guaranteeing future growth with its projects in the Networks area (6 transmission lines and 3 substations already awarded in Brazil) Renewables area (expansion of Wikinger up to +~750 MW, East Anglia 3 under development) and Storage area (3 hydroelectric pumping plants currently being built in Portugal).