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  • Iberdrola group has opened new platforms for growth in order to position itself in markets with a big renewable future and has strengthened its presence in the main countries in which it operates, adding medium and long-term projects to its pipeline. It has done this through 17 corporate operations, undertaken since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with its strategy to consolidate itself as the world's biggest renewables company, and for which it is to invest €150bn by 2030.

  • Iberdrola group has become one of the leaders in the Australian renewable energy market after acquiring Infigen Energy. Thanks to this operation, the company now operates more than 800 MW of solar, wind and storage batteries in the country and has a significant portfolio of projects, of which 453 MW are under construction and more than 1,000 are in various stages of development.

    Iberdrola group has recently reworded its Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Policy in the belief that this is a key element in its responsible and sustainable business model and that in today's complex and uncertain scenario fostering greater stakeholder engagement rises as a key priority.

  • Iberdrola has updated the Advanced Virtual Assistant for shareholders on occasion of its General Meeting, which was held online on 18 June. We present to you AVA, a chatbot that is designed to immediately answer questions regarding the Meeting and to provide our shareholders with all documentation and links of interest to facilitate their participation in the event.

    On the occasion of its 2021 General Shareholders' Meeting, Iberdrola has launched a new design, with which it aims not only to bring together and highlight the elements on which the event is built, but also to transmit and amplify its purpose and corporate values. The new visual universe therefore highlights Iberdrola as the green company, a company whose major value is sustainability and which is guided by its commitment to the future of the planet, by its Target Green.