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  • The historic investment programme announced by the company for 2020-2025 reaffirms its commitment to renewable energy. Of the projected €75 bn, 90 % will be organic investments (€68 bn) and, of these, 51 % (some €34.68 bn) will be earmarked for renewables, which will amount to 60 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity by 2025, doubling the current capacity. To put this plan into action Iberdrola is in a unique position, with one of the biggest renewable pipelines in the industry, totalling 70.5 GW.

    Iberdrola group, through its US subsidiary, AVANGRID, has approved the purchase of the US energy company PNM Resources, which operates in New Mexico and Texas. The company will merge with AVANGRID to create one of the largest US companies in the sector, with 10 regulated electricity companies in six states (New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Texas), and the third-largest renewables operator in the country, present in a total of 24 states.

  • Iberdrola group becomes one of the leaders in the Australian renewable energy market after acquiring Infigen Energy. Thanks to this operation, the company now operates more than 800 MW of solar, wind and storage batteries in the country and has a significant portfolio of projects, of which 453 MW are under construction and more than 1,000 are in various stages of development.

    Iberdrola presents 'United by the wind', a documentary that shows the most social aspect of the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm. More than twenty workers, both from the company and from several of its suppliers, tell us about the importance of teamwork, companionship and training to set up an infrastructure of this magnitude and complexity, as well as the driving effect that this development is having on local economies.

  • The Iberdrola group's internal legal teams have long wanted to become part of the digital transformation process that the company is carrying out, at the same way as they did it with the internationalization one, characterized by a high excellence level on the situation. And, to achieve it, they have developed Project Darwin, which will allow them to investigate new technological solutions, reassess their processes and, ultimately, evolve so as to provide more efficient and higher quality support to all the group's businesses.

    On its 2020 General Shareholders' Meeting, Iberdrola launched a new design, with which it aimed to not only bring together and give visibility to the elements on which the event was built, but also to transmit and amplify its corporate purpose and values. Therefore, the new graphics universe is based on the concept of the line to follow, which illustrates the company's path to sustainability. Come with us?