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  • On its 2020 General Shareholders' Meeting, Iberdrola launched a new design, with which it aimed to not only bring together and give visibility to the elements on which the event was built, but also to transmit and amplify its corporate purpose and values. Therefore, the new graphics universe is based on the concept of the line to follow, which illustrates the company's path to sustainability. Come with us?

    On the occasion of the last General Shareholders' Meeting, held on April 2, 2020, Iberdrola launched the Virtual Shareholder's Assistant, a chatbot to rapidly and efficiently answer, on-line and in real time, any questions you may have regarding any issue relating to it.

  • Iberdrola group has recently reworded its Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Policy in the belief that this is a key element in its responsible and sustainable business model and that in today's complex and uncertain scenario fostering greater stakeholder engagement rises as a key priority.

    The Iberdrola group presents SHAPES, a space for analysis, as well as a meeting place for expressing different views, opinions and ways of understanding our world. Working with renowned experts in sustainability, innovation, culture, talent, social engagement, etc. the company is able to discover new trends, explore current issues and analyse the present in order to try to anticipate the future.

  • Energy group Neoenergia — Iberdrola's Brazilian subsidiary — launched an initial public offering (IPO). The company, which operates in 18 Brazilian states and supplies 34 million people with electricity, reached a net income of 7.104 billion Brazilian reals in the first quarter of 2019, 28.1% more during the same period last year.

    A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a long-term agreement between a renewable developer and a consumer for the purchase of energy. The Iberdrola group has extensive experience in this sector in countries like the United States, Mexico and Spain.