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  • On 25 September 2018 the 'El País' newspaper published an interview with the Chairman and CEO of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, on his participation in the UN Global Compact 2018 in New York (USA). Galán acknowledged his satisfaction that a Spanish company has been acknowledged for its work in combating global warming.

    East Anglia ONE (United Kingdom) and Wikinger (Germany) have been selected to analyse the potential of the Romeo project. This initiative, backed by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Programme, intends to reduce operating costs and maintain offshore wind farms to achieve maximum efficiency and drive renewable energy production.

  • Looking ahead to our upcoming 2018 Annual General Meeting on 13 April, the Vocento group –one of Spain's leading multimedia communication firms– has interviewed the Chairman of Iberdrola to discuss some of the major current issues for the company and for the energy sector overall.

    Taking part in Iberdrola's General Shareholders' Meeting couldn't be easier. We'll take you through the procedure to grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote from any of your mobile devices.

  • Fulfilling the environmental commitments assumed in the Paris Agreement (COP21) requires profound changes in production processes and consumption patterns throughout all sectors of the economy.

    'El País' has published on 19 January 2018, an opinion piece by Ignacio Galán, Iberdrola's Chairman, in which he stands up for the need to progress towards a sustainable, safe and competitive model that replaces polluting energies used in production processes by clean energies and intensifies the electrification of the global economy, because "this is the only solution that can achieve the balance between meeting the strong demand for energy with meeting the global climate objectives."