The electric vehicle, the most efficient and viable way to transform transportation and reducing environmental pollution in cities

The transport sector continues to increase its greenhouse gas and other emissions since it is still largely based on petrol and diesel.


The Iberdrola group supports the sustainable mobility through the electric vehicle and the promotion of a level playing field that will facilitate its development:

  • Reducing economic and regulatory barriers: in many countries, the transport sector does not pay for its CO2 emissions. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop regulation based on the "polluter pays" principle and to facilitate the installation of charging points.
  • Ensuring that electric vehicles represent a reasonable share of the total number of new vehicles purchased.
  • Ensuring the deployment of a basic charging network on public roads, trusted by vehicle owners, facilitating the electric vehicle take-off. In many countries, the most viable alternative for this network to be developed is by using electricity distribution companies.

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