Renewable energies, key in the fight against climate change

Renewable energies do not emit CO2 or other polluting gases, do not generate waste or consume water.


Even without the problems of climate change, the mass-development of renewable energies is a must, thanks to their advantages over other energy alternatives and their competitiveness from the economic point of view.

The Iberdrola group is committed to the development of renewable energies. Therefore:

  • It stands up for the development of the renewable technologies that can be used to build an efficient electrical system.
  • Given their characteristics - almost all the cost of these plants is an initial investment and they have barely any cost of production -, they require regulatory environments that allow a return on investment to foster their development.
  • In addition, the system must guarantee the presence of low-emission plants with enough and a flexible capacity to guarantee the supply at all times. Regulation should prevent the most contaminating power plants from participating in these services.
  • A political, industrial and technological commitment to electrifying transport, and the sector of cooling and heating.

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