We make every effort to build solid relations that are based of trust

The Iberdrola group has developed its own stakeholder engagement model, which is aimed to ensure that the stakeholders have sufficient capacity to engage with the company and therefore to establish relations based on trust with them.

This Model is in line with the strategy of the company and inspired by the principles laid out in its By-Laws [PDF], the Purpose and Values [PDF], the General Sustainable Development Policy and the Stakeholder Relations Policy.

These principles are summarised below:

 Download our principles [PDF]

Our principles.#RRSSOur principles.

This Model is based on a process of continuous improvement, which receives constant feedback to ultimately achieve the company's purpose: to continue building together each day a healthier, more accessible energy model, based on electricity. The process is governed by the following steps:

 Stakeholder engagement model of Iberdrola group [PDF]

Stakeholder engagement model of Iberdrola group.#RRSSStakeholder engagement model of Iberdrola group.

Iberdrola is applying this Model throughout all group companies, countries, businesses, facilities, following the guidelines of the most renowned international standards (AA 1000 SES 2015) and sustainability indexes (Dow Jones Sustainability Index).

Within the framework of this Model, Iberdrola has implemented numerous measures in recent years to consolidate an internal culture on the importance of stakeholder engagement across the entire Group.

These measures include the creation of a global working group called Iberdrola Stakeholders' Hub, made up of representatives from all Iberdrola stakeholders and businesses at both the corporate and country levels. The Hub has regular meetings and is sometimes attended by external experts on this subject.

Stakeholder panels.Iberdrola is also spearheading the creation of stakeholder panels to encourage direct dialogue with its stakeholders, such as the Networks business panels in the UK and the Stakeholders Panel on CSR. The latter is composed of 10 external panellists (50% women and 50% men), all of whom are important opinion leaders in this field. The main goal of this panel is to "know the opinion of CSR experts on global trends and relevant issues related to corporate social responsibility, in order to serve as a reference point for Iberdrola when designing strategies and making decisions in this area."