Iberdrola, promoting women's sport

Through the 'Women, Health and Sport' initiative, Iberdrola has placed itself at the forefront of women's sport and is helping promote a source of positive values for a healthier, more equal and fairer society.

Promoting and supporting success stories of women's sport, fostering gender equality and promoting healthy habits from an early age are the main objectives of Women, Health and Sport, Iberdrola's contribution to the Women's Universe program of the National Sports Council (CSD).

On the occasion of the 2018 General Shareholders' Meeting, the company has exhibited the Stadium Cup in Torre Iberdrola hall, one of the prizes it received at the recent 2016 National Sports Awards. The event was attended by the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, and a group of 15 women, all Olympic medallists and elite sportswomen, from 13 sporting federations, with which Iberdrola collaborates through their involvement in the Higher Sport Council's (CSD) Universo Mujer Program to promote and develop women's sports.

The Women's Universe program seeks to raise awareness on the important role of women in society through the values of sport. Our company will get some help in this task by the involvement and support of four new ambassadors: karate fighter Sandra Sánchez, former water polo player Jennifer Pareja — who has been promoting this initiative hand in hand with Iberdrola since April 2017 —, former handball player Eli Pinedo and rugby player Patricia García.

By joining the program, Iberdrola strengthens its commitment to the promotion of talent, effective equality and social development, which are some of the cornerstones of the company. The company supports important values, such as teamwork and overcoming challenges, which are materialised in different projects, with the purpose of strengthening the social and cultural side of sport and activating support for women's sport.

In line with all of these principles, Iberdrola is the first company to make a global pledge to fostering the participation of women in all areas of sport, a commitment which has been recognised during the 2016 National Sports Awards ceremony with the Stadium Cup. Proof of our drive was the event held at the Iberdrola Tower building — on the day before the 2017 General Shareholders' Meeting, held on Friday, 31 March —, between Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola and a group of twelve Olympic medal winners and top-level athletes representing the 10 federations who initially received the company's support and now have become 15.

Ellas, la gran fuerza de la naturaleza.

Women, a great force of nature, are we going to miss this? Iberdrola promotes the role of women through sport in a way that no one has done until now.

Iberdrola supports 15 sports federations, selected according to the extraordinary level of success achieved, the high participation rate, the existence of programs to promote the sport at grassroots level and other social projects.

Main sports.

The Tour.

This new sporting format is promoted by Iberdrola and held in different capitals of Spanish provinces to promote the role and presence of women in sport.