A global commitment to women's sport in Spain

We sponsor five federations, out of the 64 federations in Spain: badminton, field hockey, canoeing, volleyball and swimming.

Womens volleyball.Instant of a women's volleyball match.

We have seen a huge increase in the achievements of sportswomen in the past few years. Women's sport is starting to attract more interest from the media and public in general. The company wishes be an active part of this initiative, supporting and sponsoring 10 national federations.


  • Women's badminton

    The Spanish Badminton Federation is also part of the Women, Energy and Sport initiative promoted by the company.

    Bilbao became the world's junior badminton capital between 2 and 6 November 2016 as it hosted participants from over 60 countries during the Iberdrola BWF World Junior Championships.

    Clara Azurmendi competing at the World Junior Badminton Championship.

    Clara Azurmendi competing at the World Junior Badminton Championship.

  • Women's field hockey

    Likewise, as part of the same programme, the Spanish Royal Field Hockey Federation (RFEH) and the company signed an agreement to promote women's sport. Therefore, this sporting discipline has become the tenth national women's federation and, for the time being, the last to be sponsored by Iberdrola.

    Therefore, Iberdrola is the main entity sponsoring women's field hockey in our country, with the purpose of promoting and sponsoring the national team in the qualifying matches of the 2018 World Cup, as well as to back grassroots sport.

    The Royal Spanish Hockey Federation and Iberdrola enter an agreement to promote women's sport.

    The Royal Spanish Hockey Federation and Iberdrola enter an agreement to promote women's sport.

    The national team became champions of the World League Round 2 held in Valencia on 12 February and four members of the national team won a diploma in the last Olympic Games in Rio.

  • Women's swimming

    Since July 2016, Iberdrola has been supporting the Spanish Royal Swimming Federation. This support is reflected in the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award given by the company to the best player of the Copa de la Reina de Waterpolo 2017, held in Terrassa (Barcelona). The final between Mataró and Sabadell was won by the latter and is the team's 13th cup.

    The Iberdrola MVP award was won by Californian water polo star Kiley Neushul, who plays for Sabadell.

    Fernando Carpena, RFEN President, Kiley Neushul, Iberdrola MVP, and Noelia Florín, a partner of Iberdrola in the Women's Universe initiative.

    Fernando Carpena, RFEN President, Kiley Neushul, Iberdrola MVP, and Noelia Florín, a partner of Iberdrola in the Women's Universe initiative.

    In the build-up to the game, the Spanish Swimming Federation acknowledged the sporting achievements of Jennifer Pareja —currently the ambassador for Women's Universe and former star of the Spanish water polo team and CN Sabadell— by awarding her the Gold and Diamond Badge.

  • Women's canoeing

    The company is sponsoring the women's canoe polo league, known as the Iberdrola First Senior Division. This sporting discipline is not very well known in Spain. It is a water sport that combines features of other sports, such as water polo, football and canoeing, the Federation of the latter also being sponsored by the company.

    The fourth edition of the Spanish Canoe Polo Cup for Clubs was held from 10-11 June 2017 in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia).

    Spanish Canoe Polo Cup for Clubs.

    Members of the women's national canoe polo team.

    The 2nd Spanish Women's Canoeing Free Style Cup was also held during the same days in Salt (Girona).

    The Royal Spanish Canoeing Federation (RFEP) gave an award to Iberdrola during the 34th National Canoeing Gala in 'Special Recognition for its Sponsorship initiatives'. The award is in recognition for the company's support to the sport. National prizes were also awarded to the best sportsmen and women, technicians, referees, media and special mentions during the Gala, along with prizes for the best clubs in the National League.

    Likewise, canoeing and canoeist women played a starring role in the 6th International Congress of Canoeing Trainers in Aguas Tranquilas, held on October 2016 in Catoira (Pontevedra).

    The participation of women trainers of the Spanish canoeing clubs and international Spanish sportswomen competing in different categories was encouraged during the congress with 30 Iberdrola Green Team Training Scholarships.

    Many different events took place: the Women and Canoeing Committee of the RFEP announced the 2017 programme of actions, the first study on the rate of abandon of canoeist women was presented, which was prepared by Marta Felpeto with the grants of the National Sports Council (CSD) and the 'Canoeing with a women's name' exhibition was inaugurated, which will be used as the framework for all actions carried out by Iberdrola through the Women, Health and Sport initiative.

    Canoeing with a women's name. Video voice transcription (Spanish version) [PDF]

  • Women's volleyball

    Iberdrola is also one of the main sponsors of women's volleyball in our country and supports the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation. In collaboration with this last one and Madison, the Company presented the 'Madison Beach Volley Tour' (MBVT 2017) circuit at an event held at the headquarters of the National Sports Council (CSD) on 13 June in Madrid. This championship launched on 29 June, with the best players of the women's rugby teams.

    This fifth edition was held at a new city -with now up to six cities hosting the event- and new Spanish beaches were included as part of the tour in the future. In addition, 12% more prizes than last year will be given for the women's and men's categories.

    Presentation of the MBVT 2017 circuit.

    Presentation of the MBVT 2017 circuit.

    On 28 December 2016 took place the 'All-Star Iberdrola 2016', an historic moment that brought the best players from the SFV together to play in the All-Star Game in Guadalajara at the Multipurpose Palace. The purple team beat the green team 2-1 before over 4,000 fans in attendance at the venue.

    All-Star Iberdrola 2016: The All-Star Game.

    'All-Star Iberdrola 2016': The All-Star Game.


Iberdrola has participated in the 2017 edition of the Bandera de La Concha regatta (Flag of the Kontxa) as well as in the three previous editions; San Juan - Iberdrola was the best team of the regatta, the traditional rowing boat sponsored by the company. Despite the incredibly harsh conditions, San Juan - Iberdrola won against Hibaika - Jamones Ancín thanks to the vast experience of its crew.

The winning crew of San Juan - Iberdrola, also the champions of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and of the Euskotren League, were greeted at the Iberdrola Tower as the winners on 18 September to celebrate this important victory.