Promoting the sport with the oval ball

The company has become the main entity supporting this sporting discipline, with which it shares values such as teamwork, solidarity and respect.


Jaime González Castaño, Director of the Higher Council for Sport (CSD); Carmen Cabrera, Iberdrola Sponsorship Officer; Isabel Pérez, Vice-President of the Spanish Rugby Federation and Alhambra Nievas, named best referee in the world by World Rugby and ambassador of the Women and Rugby programme, have presented the new Iberdrola Rugby league with the representatives of all clubs of the former Iberdrola Division of Honour and of Spanish rugby.

The Iberdrola Rugby League, with 8 teams playing in a 14-week season, changes its name, but retains its essence and goal: consolidating this women's sport with the oval ball in Spain through the values of this sporting discipline and promoting its visibility.


The Rugby Sevens Queen's Cup Grand Prix Series was created to drive the development of women's Olympic rugby: where 12 Spanish teams competed in three tournaments to become the champions of rugby sevens.

The competition was played in a similar fashion to the World Rugby Series and it used the same scoring system.


Madrid 7s Series: 10 and 11 June. Madrid, Central Field of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Valencia 7s Series: 17 and 18 June. Valencia, Quatre Carreres Facilities.

Valladolid 7s Series: 1 and 2 July. Valladolid, Pepe Rojo Fields.

The following teams participated in this edition: Rugby Albéitar, Autoconsa El Salvador, Jabatos, Tecnidex Valencia, XV Sanse Scrum, CRAT Universidade da Coruña, XV Hortaleza, Ingenieros Industriales Las Rozas Rugby, Majadahonda, Olímpico Escrapalia, Complutense Cisneros and Universidad de Sevilla.


The company has also been sponsoring the National Rugby Team. Known as las Leonas, the girls of the national rugby team are the standing European Champions.

The team is preparing for the new 2021 Project after the Irish World Cup. The goal: to conduct a study during the first few years and reorganise the team, preparing during the last two years a specific lineup for the upcoming world cup classifying rounds.