Our bet is on 'las Guerreras'

The company became the main sponsor of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation and of 'las Guerreras' on November 2016: members of the women's national handball team.


The Spanish Royal Handball Federation and Iberdrola presented their project for the Guerreras (Warriors) Iberdrola League to the National Sports Council (CSD) on 13 September 2017, which is how the Spanish first division of women's handball will be called from now on. During 26 matches, a total of 14 teams play in the League to be the champion.

The Super Amara Bera Bera team was proclaimed champion of the League after defeating the Hotel Gran Bilbao Prosetecnisa Zuazo 28-24. The team from San Sebastián has achieved the champions title for the fifth time.

The presentation ceremony was attended by Jaime González, Chief Operating Officer of CSD, Francisco V. Blázquez, President of the Spanish Royal Handball Federation; Raquel Blanco, Marketing and Product Manager of Iberdrola; Yolanda García, Director of the Sports Section of Spanish Radio and Television; and the representatives of the 14 clubs participating in this category.

Presentation of the 'Guerreras' Iberdrola League.#RRSSPresentation of the 'Guerreras' Iberdrola League.

In addition to the change in name, the project guarantees the presence of the Guerreras Iberdrola League in the Teledeporte sporting channel (every Friday at 9:00 p.m.), the best possible place from which all sports fans can enjoy and learn about Spanish women's handball.

Francisco V. Blázquez, President of the Spanish Royal Handball Federation, thanked everyone who attended the event and stated that "this is great news for the world of women's handball, something we had been dreaming of for a long time has finally become a dream come true". In addition, he stated that "the Guerreras Iberdrola League has taken a qualitative leap forward in our sport, thanks to the collaboration of everyone who has participated in the project".

The 2017 Women's Handball Awards Ceremony held in Pontevedra on 1 September 2017 fired the shot starting the 2017/2018 Season. The event was a gathering of the main figures in women's national handball, during which the 2016/2017 Loterías Women's Handball League trophy was awarded to the Mecalia Atlético Guardés, representing the first championship ever in the Galician club's history.

2017 Women's Handball Awards Ceremony.#RRSS2017 Women's Handball Awards Ceremony.


On 16th June 2017 the 2017 All-Star Game was held, having been jointly organized by Iberdrola and the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (REFBM, per its initials in Spanish). It was a tight match that ended with las Guerreras of Carlos Viver victorious after defeating the Guerreras de Iberdrola team in the final minutes with a score of 32-31.

The headliners of the Guerreras de Iberdrola were chosen by Women's Handball League fans from a list of the 35 best players drawn up by the technical area of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation.

The best handball players face each other in a tight game.#RRSSThe best handball players face each other in a tight game.


The members of the national women's handball team are behind this name. These results are proof of their hard work: they were the European runners-up in Macedonia 2008 and Croatia-Hungary 2014, classified in the third place for the 2011 Brazil World Cup, and won a historical bronze medal in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

The Spanish players, however, were left at the gates of the semi-finals at the XII European Championship in Sweden, and were eliminated in the second round of the World Championship in Germany 2017, when they lost to Norway.

A moment of the ' Las Guerreras' and Norway match.#RRSSA moment of the 'las Guerreras' - Norway match.


Another step forward in the collaboration between Iberdrola and the REFBM is the launch of the Guerrera Iberdrola Awards. The Fans MVP is now the Guerrera Iberdrola of the Week, an award for the best player of the week in the first Spanish women's handball league.

The first edition of these awards was celebrated during the 2017 Women's Handball Awards Ceremony and the highlight of this event was when Almudena Rodríguez, player of Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE team, was selected as the best player of the Loterías Women's Handball League.

The Spanish national womens handball team.#RRSSThe Spanish national women's handball team with the Spanish Royal Handball Federation (REFBM).