Spain's women's rugby XV team wins its seventh European championship watched by a record-breaking crowd for a women's match

Spain's women's rugby XV team has been proclaimed European champion for the fourth consecutive year. The match played in Madrid attracted the biggest crowd ever to attend a women's rugby match in Spain, with an audience of 8,900.

Women's sport in Spain is going from strength to strength The women's rugby XV team won its seventh European championship and has repeated the achievement four years in a row. Nicknamed as The Lionesses they beat Holland easily (54-0) in a match that will go down in history women's rugby match with more spectators than any other in Spain.

The 8,900 fans who came along to Central Madrid to enjoy the game are an unmistakeable sign of the continual growth in women's national sport. Iberdrola is continuing to support Spanish women's sport in general, which includes rugby, supporting the rugby XV team and lending its name to the national club league.


The Iberdrola Rugby League 2018-2019 was presented at the headquarters of the National Sports Council (CSD) in a ceremony attended by María José Rienda, president of the CSD; Juan José García Luna, vice-president of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER); and Noelia Florín de Oro, representing Iberdrola's sponsorship team. Members of the eight teams that make up the new Iberdrola Rugby League attended the presentation.

New for the 2018/19 season is that in addition to the regular — matches which will be played in 14 rounds with home and away games —, there will be a final play-off between the top four teams: the first placed team playing the fourth and the second against the third. The winners will play in the play-off final on 24 March 2019.


The company's support for Spanish women's rugby has been recognised at different levels. Isabel Pérez, vice president of the Spanish Rugby Federation, acknowledged that Iberdrola's support since 2017 "allow us to consolidate a League with 8 teams and 14 rounds, which helps to increase the level of skill, and this will have an impact on the national team. In addition, we want it to be and we are sure that it will be a mirror for grassroots rugby”.

Alhambra Nievas, named the best referee in the world in 2016 by World Rugby and ambassador for the Women and Rugby program, is pleased with Iberdrola's support for Spanish women's rugby, which "is very well regarded but I think we still have to aspire to more. With the leap in quality that the Iberdrola League home and away games competition and a three-series rugby 7 league will give, this support can give us a real boost".

Representatives of Iberdrola stressed that her company's presence in rugby is due to the fact "that it is one of the sports in which the team concept is most present". The company's support for the oval-balled sport "last year was very positive, as the sportswomen are very happy. If the conditions in which they practice this sport are improved, this will make it easier for them to achieve their goals. This means we can be rewarded because every day they will go further".

Iberdrola's agreement with the Spanish Rugby Federation involves the creation of the Iberdrola Lionesses awards, which recognise the most valued player in each round of matches.


The agreement between Iberdrola and the Spanish Rugby Federation includes the national women's rugby XV team, nicknamed the The Lionesses which is the current European Champion.

This, therefore, means providing fundamental support to achieve the objectives of Project 2021. The aim of the project is to conduct a study during the first few years and reorganise the team, preparing a specific line-up during the last two years for the upcoming world cup classifying rounds.