You can download your attendance card here

Shareholders who haven't received or have lost their attendance, proxy and absentee voting card can easily download a card issued by Iberdrola in accordance with the information available to the Company.

How to download my attendance card

Connect to our application from any electronic device (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and choose one of the following alternatives to verify your identity:

1. Mobile phone (only for individuals)

 Access the following link from any device (you will need a mobile phone to complete the verification)

2. Iberdrola personal passwords

Shareholders who have already requested personal passwords in prior years can use them again at this upcoming Meeting, without having to obtain new ones.

 Access with Iberdrola personal passwords (only individuals)

If you don't have your personal passwords, ENTER HERE AND REQUEST YOUR PASSWORD in three simple steps (you will have to provide an e-mail address).

3. Electronic certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

If you have an electronic certificate issued by the FNMT installed on your device or if you have a DNIe, you can directly access the application using the following link:

 Access with certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

Shareholders who want to grant a proxy or vote using the application available on this website do not need to download the attendance, proxy and absentee voting card.

However, shareholders who want to appoint a proxy representative or cast an absentee vote by post will need the card. To do so, they must send it to the Company at apartado de correos número 1.113, 48080 Bilbao.

Shareholder proxy representatives who are going to cast an absentee vote will also need the card, which they must send to the Company (apartado de correos número 1.113, 48080 Bilbao) or deliver to the registered office (Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), from 8:00 to 15:00).

Attendance, proxy and absentee voting cards downloaded prior to 18 March that show the place for holding the Meeting at Palacio de Euskalduna will be valid, and it will not be necessary to download a new card showing the new place of the Meeting.

Who should send the cards to the shareholders

The financial institutions acting as intermediaries, managers or depositaries of the shares are responsible for issuing the attendance, proxy and absentee voting cards and making them available to shareholders in the manner provided for in the respective agreements.

Cards issued through this application will reflect the shares registered in the name of the requesting party in accordance with information available on the date of the request. Therefore, the content thereof may not coincide with that of the cards issued by the depositaries.

In any case, the validity of any card will be subject to verification by the Company of your status as a shareholder and of the number of shares registered in your name five days prior to the holding of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

How to fill out the cards

You can obtain more information about how you should fill out the cards with the Virtual Shareholder Assistant, or, if you prefer, you can contact the Shareholders' office.

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