Get to know how to attend on-line the Meeting

On-line attendance to the General Meeting will be possible from any device with access to the internet (including mobile phones and tablets) through the "On-line attendance" application.

This application will be in operation from 8:00 on the date of the meeting until 14:00 that same day or until the end of the meeting, if later.

To attend the General Meeting on-line, you must register no later than 9:00 on the day the meeting is held using one of the following alternatives:

1. Mobile phone (only for individuals)

 Access the following link from any device (you will need a mobile phone to complete the verification)

2. Iberdrola personal passwords

Shareholders who have already requested personal passwords in prior years can use them again at this upcoming Meeting, without having to obtain new ones.

 Access with Iberdrola personal passwords (only individuals)

If you still don't have your personal passwords, ENTER HERE AND REQUEST YOUR PASSWORD in three simple steps (you will have to provide an e-mail address).

3. Electronic certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

If you have an electronic certificate issued by the FNMT installed on your device or if you have a DNIe, you can directly access the application using the following link:

 Access with certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

If you intend to make a presentation at the Meeting, you must so state at the time of registration in the manner set forth in the application. Requests for information or clarifications by shareholders attending on-line will be answered verbally during the Meeting or in writing within seven days following the holding thereof.

You may cast your vote through the software application and pursuant to the corresponding voting form as from the commencement of the Meeting. The voting period will remain open until 14:00 on the day of the meeting or until such later time as is indicated by the chair of the Meeting.

Shareholders attending on-line will receive the attendance bonus.