Discover all available channels to remote proxy-granting or voting

Iberdrola provides its shareholders all possible channels to remote proxy-granting or voting.

SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION DESKS (available from 20 to 28 March): see addresses and timetables.

 PHONE (natural persons only, available all day long up to 28 March)

It is as simple as calling to the telephone number of the Office of the Shareholder (900 100 019) and identifying yourself with your Identity Number and the number of shares owned by you (including the shares held in joint-ownership).

 ELECTRONIC Devices (available all day long up to 28 March)

Access from any electronic device (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and chose one of the following options:

1. Mobile phone (natural persons only)

 Access from any device to the following link (you will need a mobile phone to complete your identification)

Vote from your mobile device in the General Shareholders Meeting.

2. Iberdrola personal keys

Shareholders who already requested personal passwords for previous years may use them again at the upcoming General Meeting and need not obtain new passwords.

 Access with Iberdrola personal passwords (natural persons only)

If you do not have already done so, ENTER HERE AND REQUEST YOUR PASSWORD in three simple steps (you will need an e-mail address to complete it).

3. Electronic Certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

If you have installed in your device an electronic certificate issued by the FNMT or you have an electronic Identity Number, you may access directly to the application following this link:

 Access with certificate (FNMT and DNIe)

Shareholders who grant their proxy or vote through any of the alternatives described on this page may collect the gift offered to those attending Shareholder Day by going to any of shareholder information desks. Those who grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote by going to the information desks will be able to obtain the gift at said shareholder information desks.

If you want more information about existing alternatives for remote participation at the General Shareholders' Meeting, or regarding any other matter relating to the holding thereof, you may consult the Shareholders' Guide [PDF] or contact the Office of the Shareholder by telephone at 900 10 00 19, or by e-mail addressed to

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