We present our most outstanding publications

Iberdrola makes available to its users some of its most outstanding publications, all of which are produced mainly for purposes of information.


Style Guide.

Style Guide

Discover Iberdrola's Style Guide and its equivalents in Spanish (Libro de Estilo), Portuguese (Livro de Estilo) and Basque (Estilo Liburua).
Law for engineers.

Law for engineers

These works combine educational and social purposes: the profits go to the energy access program of the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation.
Energia elétrica. Manual básico para juristas.

Electricity. Basic manual for lawyers

The purpose of this work is to bring the world of engineering and electric power closer to professionals and explain it to them in a simple, didactic and reader-friendly manner.
Law in the military.

Law in the military

Ejército y Derecho a principios del siglo XX (The Military and the Law in the early 20th century) shows the importance and repercussions that Law applied to military matters has had in society.
Principles and values. Ethics.

Principles and values. Ethics

This book aims to reflect on ethics and its role in recognising what is valuable in itself for the individual, for society and for the Armed Forces.
Portrait of Spanish military men.

Portrait of Spanish military men

This book contains the profiles and thoughts of 19 Spanish military men who had a great influence in their time but whose excellence has not been duly recognised.
The Spanish Protectorate in Morocco.

The Spanish Protectorate in Morocco

El Protectorado español en Marruecos: la historia trascendida (The Spanish Protectorate in Morocco: the Transcended History) seeks to analyse and explain this important period from 1912 to 1956.