• Secretary for the general shareholders' meeting
    Position generally held by the secretary of the board of directors of a company at the general shareholders? meeting, the duties of which include preparing the minutes of the meeting, assisting the chair, and certifying and formalising the resolutions adopted.

    Spanish: Secretario de la junta general de accionistas
  • Secretary of the board of directors
    Position designated by the board of directors of a listed company, who shall in all cases be responsible for the following duties under the Companies Act:

    - Keep custody of the documentation of the board of directors, record the proceedings of meetings in the minute books and certify the content thereof and the resolutions adopted.
    - Endeavour to ensure that the conduct of the board of directors conforms to applicable legal provisions and adheres to the by-laws and other internal regulations.
    Assist the chairman so that the directors receive information relevant to the exercise of their duties sufficiently in advance and in the proper format.

    Spanish: Secretario del consejo de administración
  • Securities Brokerage Firm
    Investment services company authorised by the CNMV, whose task is to act as an intermediary in securities markets but without the power to trade on its own account. It operates on behalf of clients and charges a commission, and may also offer advice on financial investments, act as an intermediary in issues and public offerings, and keep custody of and manage negotiable securities and other financial instruments.

    Spanish: Agencia de valores
  • Securities Market Act
    Regulation of the Spanish systems for trading financial instruments approved by Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015 of 23 October establishing the principles for the organisation and operation thereof and the rules applicable to the financial instruments traded therein, as well as those applicable to the issuers of such instruments, the provision of investment services in Spain, and the rules for supervision, inspection and imposition of penalties.
    Spanish: Ley del Mercado de Valores
  • Senior officer
    An officer reporting directly to the board of directors, to the chairman thereof, or to the chief executive officer of a listed company and, in any event, the director of the internal audit area, as well as any other officer that the board of directors considers to have such status.

    Spanish: Alto directivo
  • Share
    Negotiable equity security representing a pro-rata, indivisible and cumulative portion of the capital of a company, giving the holder thereof the rights and obligations inherent to shareholder status. The shares of IBERDROLA are listed on the four Spanish stock exchanges and are traded through the "Continuous Market", "General Shareholders' Meeting" and "Stock Exchange".

    Spanish: Acción
  • Share capital
    Equity of a company consisting of the shareholders' contributions.
    Spanish: Capital social
  • Share capital in attendance in person or by proxy
    See "Quorum for the General Shareholders' Meeting".
    Spanish: Capital social presente y representado
  • Shareholder
    An individual or legal entity holding shares of a company.
    Spanish: Accionista
  • Shareholders
    All of the individuals and legal entities holding shares issued by a company.
    Spanish: Accionariado
  • Shareholders' Club
    Initiative adopted by IBERDROLA, S.A. in order to strengthen the relationship with those persons who have demonstrated their support for and confidence in the track record of the Company through the purchase of securities thereof. Joining this club allows the shareholders of IBERDROLA, S.A. to be continuously informed of the performance and strategy of the Company.
    Spanish: Club del Accionista
  • Significant event
    Notice sent by the company to the National Securities Market Commission in order to immediately publicise and disseminate significant information to the market. Information is significant if knowledge thereof could reasonably affect an investor with regard to the acquisition or transfer of securities or financial instruments and thus appreciably influence the quoted price thereof on a secondary market.
    Spanish: Hecho relevante
  • Significant interest
    Percentage of the capital of a listed company that directly or indirectly exceeds a threshold specified from time to time by applicable legal provisions. In Spain, it is currently deemed that a shareholder possesses a significant interest when holding at least 3% of voting rights. Changes in a significant interest must be reported by the holder to the CNMV as provided by securities market regulations.
    Spanish: Participación significativa
  • Significant shareholder
    Shareholder whose interest is equal to or greater than that legally regarded as significant at any time. See "Significant interest".
    Spanish: Accionista significativo
  • Smart electricity grid
    Grid that supplies electricity using digital technology to save energy, reduce costs and increase the quality and safety of supply.
    Spanish: Red inteligente de electricidad
  • Social dividend
    Term adopted by the Iberdrola group to express its goal for the sustainable creation of value for all of its stakeholders, especially through its contribution to the communities in which the Company does business, both from the economic viewpoint and from the perspective of business ethics, the promotion of equality and justice, the encouragement of innovation and the protection of the environment, as well as through the generation of quality employment and leadership in the fight against climate change.
    Spanish: Dividendo social
  • Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A. (IBERCLEAR)
    Company integrated within the BME, the operator of all securities markets and financial systems in Spain, the main function of which is to be the Spanish Central Securities Depositary.
    Spanish: Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A. (IBERCLEAR)
  • Solar thermal plant
    Solar electric power production plant, generally by means of a field of parabolic concentrators from which heat is extracted by means of a fluid that is transferred to a steam generator for the plant's turbine.
    Spanish: Central termosolar
  • Special purpose entity
    Also known as special purpose vehicle, it is an entity created for a specific purpose or for a limited period.
    Spanish: Entidad de propósito especial
  • Split-off of companies
    Resolution adopted by the shareholders at a general shareholders' meeting in order to divide one, more or all portions of the corporate assets and transfer them en bloc to an existing or newly-created company that acquires them as a universal successor.
    Spanish: Escisión de sociedades
  • Stakeholders
    Groups that might influence or be affected by the decisions or the value of a company. IBERDROLA considers the workforce, shareholders and the financial community, regulatory entities, customers, suppliers, the media, society in general and the environment to be stakeholders. The Stakeholder Relations Policy sets out the need to promote dialogue with all of them and their engagement. For this reason, the Iberdrola group has its own Stakeholder Engagement Model, based on the most advanced international standards.

    Spanish: Grupos de interés
  • Statutory Auditor
    Independent entity that verifies that the individual annual accounts and any consolidated accounts of a company and its subsidiaries have been prepared in accordance with the requirements established by generally accepted accounting principles and standards under applicable legal provisions.
    Spanish: Auditor de cuentas
  • Statutory Auditor Independence Report
    Report that the audit committees of listed companies in Spain must prepare to verify the independence of the Company?s statutory auditor.
    Spanish: Informe sobre la independencia del auditor de cuentas
  • Stock Exchange
    Organised market, subject to government regulation and supervised by the CNMV. It has the exclusive right to trade shares and convertible securities or securities granting subscription rights. Also traded thereon are government- and privately-owned fixed-income securities, as well as warrants, certificates and exchange traded funds (ETFs). There are four traditional Stock Exchanges in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia, part of the holding company BME) along with an electronic system for trading on all of them based on the Spanish Automated Quotation System (Sistema de Interconexión Bursátil Español (SIBE)). See "Share".
    Spanish: Bolsa de valores
  • Sustainability Index
    Reference standard prepared by a specialised agency, which a company may choose to follow for the preparation of sustainability reports. See "Sustainability Report".
    Spanish: Índice de sostenibilidad
  • Sustainability Report
    Document prepared by IBERDROLA since 2003 to report on the Company?s performance in the economic, environmental, social and corporate governance dimensions, following the consolidated set of standards for preparing sustainability reports and the electric utilities supplement, both of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as well as the AA1000 standard, and which is subject to independent external assurance.

    Spanish: Informe de sostenibilidad
  • Sustainable development
    Development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development covers three dimensions: economic, environmental and social. See "General Sustainable Development Policy".

    Spanish: Desarrollo sostenible
  • Sustainable event
    An event for the total scope of which the positive impacts on the three aspects covered by Sustainable Development (economic, social and environmental) are maximised. IBERDROLA certifies its General Shareholders? Meeting using the ISO 20121 standard, which is the internationally accepted standard for sustainable event management.
    Spanish: Evento sostenible
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