• What is Daily market close?

    Time at which trading officially ends on the Automated Quotation System (Electronic Market), namely, at 17:35 and 30 seconds on a trading day, and which determines the closing price of a share on that trading day.
    Spanish: Cierre diario de mercado
  • What is Debenture?

    Fixed-income negotiable security representing a pro rata share of a loan obtained by the issuer and entitling the holder thereof to collect interest at a fixed or variable rate and to the return of the principal provided on the date of maturity of the issue.
    Spanish: Obligación
  • What is Debenture-holder?

    Holder or subscriber of debentures.
    Spanish: Obligacionista
  • What is Decarbonisation?

    Process by which countries, companies and individuals attempt to achieve an economy with low CO2 emissions by reducing their emissions. In the energy context, this term refers to the efforts to maximise the reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions produced per unit of energy consumed by encouraging emission-free energies.
    Spanish: Descarbonización
  • What is Director?

    Director of a company when the duties of administration are entrusted to a board of directors, the members of which are called directors. A board of directors is required for listed companies like IBERDROLA in Spain.
    Spanish: Consejero
  • What is Diversity?

    Takes into consideration the multiplicity of skills, knowledge, origins, nationalities, ages and genders that enrich the organisation and the operation of entities like listed companies.
    Spanish: Diversidad
  • What is Dividend?

    Portion of corporate profits used to remunerate the shareholders.
    Spanish: Dividendo
  • What is Dow Jones EuroStoxx 50?

    Stock market index made up of the 50 most important stocks in the Eurozone, including IBERDROLA.
    Spanish: Dow Jones EuroStoxx 50
  • What is Dow Jones Stoxx Global 1800?

    Stock market index made up of the leading 1,800 companies in the European, Asia-Pacific and American stock markets, including IBERDROLA.
    Spanish: Dow Jones Stoxx Global 1800
  • What is Dow Jones Sustainability Index?

    Wall Street stock market index that comprises the companies with the best sustainability profile, including IBERDROLA since 1999. It is a well-known benchmark for measuring performance in aspects of sustainability.

    Spanish: Dow Jones Sustainability Index
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