• What is Market abuse?

    Set of practices relating to the improper use of inside information or the manipulation of markets, such as the listing price of a financial instrument. These types of practices are prohibited by commercial law and may constitute a crime.
    Spanish: Abuso de mercado
  • What is Market operator?

    Commercial company that manages the system of offers to buy and sell electric energy on the daily and intraday energy market on the terms established by applicable regulations.
    Spanish: Operador del mercado
  • What is Merger of companies?

    Business combination carried out through the dissolution of one or more companies that contribute their assets to another pre-existing or newly created company, with the shareholders of the predecessor companies becoming shareholders of the new one.

    Spanish: Fusión de sociedades
  • What is Microgrid?

    Autonomous electric and thermal generation grid that makes use of various renewable energies and storage elements for the self-supply of a home or group of homes, thus being stand-alone compared to integrated systems.
    Spanish: Microred eléctrica
  • What are Minutes?

    Document containing a written record of the proceedings at meetings of the corporate decision-making bodies and of the resolutions or decisions adopted thereby.
    Spanish: Acta
  • What is Mitigation?

    Halting the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by reducing emissions and placing existing emissions of gases into "sinks". Mitigation directly affects the sources of GHG emission and absorption (affects the causes of climate change).
    Spanish: Mitigación
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