We are looking for online planning tools for fleets of electric vehicles

As part of its commitment to the electrification of the transportation sector, AVANGRID*, Iberdrola's subsidiary in the United States, seeks to develop a web tool to help fleet operators to assess feasibility, costs and benefits of converting their fleets to electric solutions. To this end, Iberdrola launches this challenge through its International Startup Programme - PERSEO.

The fight against climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces in the 21st century, which makes it essential to decarbonize our economy. AVANGRID*, Iberdrola's US subsidiary, is committed to leading the energy transition and therefore its targets are focused on electrifying the economy, innovation and technological advances and offering better consumer connectivity.

The states where Avangrid Networks operates, NY, ME, and CT, have all established goals to make a significant impact on climate change by reducing emissions. Transportation makes up a significant portion of emissions in these states — 37 % in NY, 38 % in ME and 53 % in ME —; therefore, its decarbonization, mainly through electrification, is an absolute necessity in order to achieve those emissions goals.

AVANGRID* is committed to electrification of the transportation sector as a key strategy for achieving long term climate goals and is actively supporting vehicle electrification through its EV Charger Make-Ready programmes, which have a goal of supporting over 13,000 new chargers by 2025. Additionally, AVANGRID* has a goal of converting 60 % of its own fleet, including 100 % of its light-duty fleet of vehicles to electric and other clean fuel alternatives by 2030.


Electric options for medium and heavy-duty vehicles are expected to reach parity with internal combustion engine equivalents on acquisition costs and provide savings from a total cost of ownership perspective. The tipping point is approaching and AVANGRID* is looking to help facilitate this transition for customers by providing insight and information on electrical infrastructure capacity, potential upgrade costs, and future expected electricity costs.

AVANGRID*, in collaboration with the International Startup programme - PERSEO, Iberdrola's risk capital vehicle, is launching this challenge to define a tool that could help fleet operators to assess feasibility, costs and benefits of converting their fleets to electric solutions, and all this available for customer use on utility websites.


The main characteristics of the tool that will be taken into consideration are as follows:

 The user provided inputs may include:

1. Location (address & GIS coordinates).

2. Identification of each existing vehicle: make/model/year, class, schedules, annual mileage and mileage range.

3. The tool should have the option of uploading telematics data for each existing vehicle.

 The tool output should be able to provide the following analysis:

1. Identification of replacement electric vehicles : allow for multiple vehicle option comparison based on the users provided inputs.

2. Fuel costs & rate analysis : pull in rate class and usage data from the existing utility account and should automatically determine the recommended rate class for the fleet based on utility tariffs. It must also calculate the estimated monthly utility bill and may adjust for seasonal changes to miles per kWh, considering factors.

3. Site feasibility analysis :

The tool should link to utility hosting capacity maps to assess the available system capacity at the location and also it should link to utility GIS data to assess the potential need for separate utility service with a new utility service transformer or tying into the existing service with replacement of existing transformer or keeping existing transformer.

4. Operations & maintenance cost analysis :

The tool should provide the ability for fleet operators to enter existing maintenance schedules and costs by vehicle and by service period, i.e., monthly, quarterly and/ or annually. The tool should allow fleet operators to provide vehicle replacement schedules and estimated salvage values for each vehicle and/or vehicle class/ use case.

5. Charging infrastructure analysis :

The tool should provide operators with the ability to identify required EVSE by type and also inform fleet operators of the estimated charging times associated with each vehicle and/or vehicle class based on previously entered fleet data.

Parallelly, the tool should ensure that identified EVSE is compatible with previous identified electric vehicle replacements and finally, it should provide overall infrastructure feasibility with estimated cost ranges for construction.

6. Incentives & tax credits :

The tool should identify and recommend any local vehicle incentives (grants, rebates and tax incentives), identifying and recommending applicable make-ready program incentives and Federal Tax Credits.

7. Greenhouse gas emissions analysis :

The tool should estimate CO2 savings/environmental benefits.

The proposals will be analysed based on criteria of scalability, robustness and ease of implementation and use.

The project will be developed in collaboration with the technical specialists from the AVANGRID* and Iberdrola Network area and the project will be developed in collaboration with technical specialists from the Iberdrola Networks area.


The prize will consist of us signing a collaboration agreement for the development of a proof-of-concept with PERSEO or any other relevant Iberdrola group company, who will assume the costs and provide the winner with the necessary technical support, giving access to infrastructures and real data to test the solution.

If the assay or proof of concept is satisfactory, Iberdrola may offer the participant the opportunity to scale up the solution by means of commercial agreements.

In addition, PERSEO may consider investing in the participant and/or challenge winner.

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* AVANGRID, Inc. is 81,50 % owned by Iberdrola, S. A.