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 We are the utility of the future

  • Enigmedia develops custom cybersecurity solutions, such as Mercury, to help companies solve security problems when transmitting data. Its encryption technology, which is based on chaos theory, is three times as robust and up to 95% more efficient than current encryption standards.

    In this very difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, whose effects are being felt across the world, Iberdrola group's employees are working harder than ever to continue supplying energy, showing their solidarity while keeping employees and customers safe. We take a look at some of the professionals that have made it possible.

  • This technology makes it possible to detect structural incidents in wind turbine blades and serve as a guide during maintenance, saving considerable costs and increasing safety. Drones help us to meet our goals of extending the life of our facilities and increasing the efficiency of our more than 12,000 wind turbines worldwide.


    Atten2, a company in which Iberdrola has a stake and is linked with the Ika 4 Tekniker Research Centre, was one of the guests at Innoday 2018. Its CEO, Edgar Martínez, presented the innovative technology of its Oilwear sensor, which supplies key information for designing a predictive maintenance strategy.

  • The Iberdrola group is today one of the largest utility companies in terms of market capitalisation and a leader in renewables. Innovation plays a key role in our aim to consolidate our position as the energy company of the future, as demonstrated by Innoday 2018.

    Our company has been recognised for its work in the fight against climate change in the Climate Reality Awards 2018, the first edition of these awards in Spain. These awards are intended to put the fight against climate change on the front page of the social and political agenda.