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  • The Iberdrola group is firmly and decisively committed to gender equality. Some great examples of this are the Women with Energy forum run by Iberdrola Mexico to promote the leadership and talent of women in the company, and the story of Selene Jerezano, the first woman to hold the position of turbines supervisor.

    Ana Alonso, Director of large companies and Microsoft partners, explained at the Digital Summit 2018 organized by Iberdrola, how companies are transforming their businesses so that their employees work efficiently and flexibly: "When your employees work in a new and better way, it has an impact on customer satisfaction".

  • R&D

    On 17 and 18 October, the San Agustín de Guadalix campus hosted the latest Digital Summit, a meeting that once again demonstrated the Iberdrola group's commitment to the digital transformation.

    Enigmedia develops custom cybersecurity solutions, such as Mercury, to help companies solve security problems when transmitting data. Its encryption technology, which is based on chaos theory, is three times as robust and up to 95% more efficient than current encryption standards.

  • In this very difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, whose effects are being felt across the world, Iberdrola group's employees are working harder than ever to continue supplying energy, showing their solidarity while keeping employees and customers safe. We take a look at some of the professionals that have made it possible.

    This technology makes it possible to detect structural incidents in wind turbine blades and serve as a guide during maintenance, saving considerable costs and increasing safety. Drones help us to meet our goals of extending the life of our facilities and increasing the efficiency of our more than 12,000 wind turbines worldwide.