The company supports business development in all our areas of action. We empower the enterprises committed to innovation, quality, transparency and to creating jobs.

 We are the utility of the future

  • In an era when we make more than 6 billion Google searches a day, the capacity to process, analyse and simplify massive amounts of data has become enormously important for companies. Business Intelligence harnesses the potential of this valuable resource, optimising business decisions and reporting while satisfying consumers.

    At Iberdrola we are committed to local energy sources and purchases from local suppliers. In addition, the group is a pioneer in sustainable event management and promotes the implementation of electric vehicles through its Sustainable Mobility Plan.

  • Iberdrola's Corporate Governance System is founded on ethics, transparency and best international practice in matters of good management, with the aim of defending the public interest and creating sustainable value for all its Stakeholders. The company supports a culture of zero tolerance towards corruption and fraud and promotes the study and dissemination of the principles of business and professional ethics.

    The group has focused on all the group's Stakeholders to manage the COVID-19 crisis. The incidence of the disease among group employees is far lower than the averages in the countries where it operates. AENOR has recognised this and granted the company the first global coronavirus management certificate.

  • You're presumably familiar with the concept of the startup, but have you heard about scale-ups? These are companies that have grown over the last three financial years at an annual rate above 20% in terms of number of employees or turnover and reaching this scale is the dream of any budding entrepreneur. Here we try to untangle the steps that need to be taken to take this great leap forward.

    Drones that monitor hundreds of acres to assess the health of crops and animals, smart sensors to help in the early detection of infestations, and automatic systems that water, fertilise and fumigate each plot depending on its specific characteristics and on the weather forecast. These are just some of the virtues of smart farming - the concept that may help to eradicate hunger in an over-populated future.