The best corporate reputation is fueled with high quality employment, education and professional development. In order to achieve that goal, we defend a human resources' model that allow us to identify, maintain and promote the talent and, at the same time, boosting personal and professional development.

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  • Stability is one of the features that characterises employment at Iberdrola: over 98% of the workers have an open-ended contract.

    The labour market demands digital skills, workers who are not only fluent in other languages or their academic speciality but in the essential tools to deal with fluency in the technological age. We mean knowledge about electronic devices, networks, cybersecurity, communications systems and data analysis, among other things.

  • Mindfulness is the meditation of the 21st century. It is the perfect relaxation technique to increase your well-being at work. It reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves concentration and generates effects that have a positive impact on organisation and productivity. Read all about it...

    At first glance, remote working may seem to only have advantages: greater work-life balance, lower business costs and even increased productivity. But not all sectors or all professions are able to work in this way. In the era of coronavirus, we analyse this way of working, we share tips to get the most out of it and we recommend tools that will help you in the daily life.

  • Heavy demand for jobs, as well as new recruitment techniques, can make looking for a job a real obstacle course. In this article, we bring you a series of tips to succeed at a job interview. The key thing is not to fall prey to common pitfalls and to pay particular attention to non-verbal language.

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already having a profound impact on the labour market. Some professions will disappear while others will blossom and require new abilities and skills. Let's see what they are!