Innovation is key in guaranteeing sustainability, efficiency and competitivity.

  • Bike lanes for the cyclists of the future: high-tech and sustainable

    On land, sea or air, the cycle lanes of the future will be safer for users, reducing pollution and preventing many of the accidents that happen every day. With a goal like this, originality abounds. DISCOVER IT

  • Iberdrola helps to protect the environment through efficient CO2 use

    This project, led by Iberdrola and approved by the European Commission, seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing CO2 from natural gas combustion to reduce macrofouling, the fouling process that occurs in combined cycle power plant cooling circuits. PROJECT DETAILS


    "We rely on power for everything"

    VIA is a start-up based in Boston that uses Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to help power companies prevent and predict equipment errors in the transformation and distribution of energy. DISCOVER IT

  • Big data: main uses and applications

    Nowadays, almost 6,500 million connected devices share information over the Internet. In 2025, this figure will rise up to 20,000 million. Big data analyses this "sea of data" to convert it into the information that is transforming our world. IMMERSE YOURSELF

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    Biometrics, the technology that measures and analyses our biological data

    For a lot of people, the concept of biometrics sounds like something very remote, extremely scientific or completely unheard of. But the truth is that we are seeing it more and more in our daily lives and they say it will soon end up replacing our passwords or door keys. KNOW MORE