Innovation is key in guaranteeing sustainability, efficiency and competitivity.

  • On 17 and 18 October, the San Agustín de Guadalix campus hosted the latest Digital Summit, a meeting that once again demonstrated the Iberdrola group's commitment to the digital transformation.

  • 71% of organisations worldwide use 'Agile'

    The Agile methodology is a working system that is changing the face of project development in many companies, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft. This new concept is triumphing the world over and is here to stay. What is the key to its success? It organises and shares work out among multidisciplinary teams in a fast and flexible manner. Read all about it... LEARN MORE

    Green data: Can statistics help the environment?

    In 2017 alone we generated more data than in the previous 5,000 years. Big data is the technology that is allowing us to analyse this explosion in information and develop new advances and solutions. Applying big data to environmental protection is also helping to optimise efficiency in the energy sector, to make businesses more sustainable and to create smart cities, to cite just a few examples.

  • Approximately 10% of the world's population, namely around 650 million people, suffer from some form of disability (UN). This figure will only increase due to demographic growth and the ageing population. The transport industry is working hard to ensure their mobility is not a further limitation.

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    Salt water makes up over 97% of the water on the planet. Two thirds of the fresh water is trapped in glaciers and the polar ice caps, and most of the remaining third is in the ground or in underground aquifers. Conclusion: there is very little water available for living things.