Nowadays we are immersed in the information society, Internet has become the decisive technology: billions of people all over the world can access free and immediate information. There is an immense amount of data that we can find online, it is necessary to educate people in managing that information.

 At the forefront of digital transformation

  • Rosa Kariger is Iberdrola group's global cyber security director and is responsible for global governance, intelligence and supervision of IT and OT cyber security in all the countries where the company operates: continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Brazil. She graduated as an industrial engineer from the UPM, has taken part in management development programmes at IESE and global leadership of IMD, and had a leading role in the latest edition of the World Economic Forum.

    Just as in your life you have an identity that defines you and differentiates you from others according to your name, traits, personal characteristics, acts... On the Internet you also have what is known as digital identity.

  • Electronic invoices is the billing system that most people choose now. The search for greater reliability, security and comfort, as well as the rise of new technologies, has made billing via electronic media ever more frequent.

    The unstoppable growth of technology has transformed our habits and behaviour and created unprecedented dilemmas which could put our future as a digital society at risk. The solution? A new set of ethics based on the source of this change: the internet.

  • Awards that do not exist, unbeatable job offers, products at prices too low... These are just a few examples of scams that circulate nowadays on the Internet. Would you know how to detect them?

    Nowadays there are applications for practically everything (instant messaging, online stores, banks, news, social networks...). From any of our devices we can have the service we want in just a few seconds. But are we doing so in a safe manner?