professional career

How do you develop a professional career? I'm sure you've asked yourself this question on more than one occasion and the answer lies in ongoing training, adding value and the ability to adapt to change.

  • The outlook for teachers around the world today is highly complex. Every day they face the challenge of engaging students who are different from those of the past and do not respond to the same stimuli, partly due to the influence of new technologies. To capture their attention, it is necessary to understand how the human brain works during learning, and this is where neurodidactics comes into play.

    We'll show you how some of the group's employees spend their working day. A first person narrative of a day in their working life.

  • As an Iberdrola group employee, Javier Vázquez has been able to benefit from many advantages, among them continuous training, geographical mobility and work-life balance.

    Find new work opportunities, contact collaborators, launch your personal project or meet potential customers. In a world dominated by technology, the on-line version of networking can give you a competitive advantage. This aside, it's a bad idea to underestimate the value of face-to-face contact.

  • A personal brand is the sum of all those characteristics that define us and differentiate us from others as professionals. Using social media is currently one of the most effective ways to create, consolidate and promote this brand. These tools can be the launching pad for our personal brand and give it a definitive boost.

    The current context needs us to continuously update our skills in order not to be left out of the jobs market. Lifelong learning is the answer, whether at business level — more and more companies are developing training programs — or as individuals — having the attitude to learn every day —.