professional skills

Companies demand certain professional skills. From technical skills to emotional skills (soft skills). We will tell you how to acquire and develop them and how to put them into practice successfully.

  • Joy, nerves, surprise, anger, calm, disappointment... managing the roller-coaster of emotions that we experience on a daily basis is not easy. However, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important as a way to achieve happiness in all aspects of our lives, including the workplace. Do you want to learn to be happy?

    Companies are increasingly embracing learning by doing, a more action-oriented methodology when it comes to staff training. It is based on the practice of the work performed in order to stimulate the activity, motivation and participation of employees, sharing ideas in workgroupsand developing a fair self-assessment.

  • Transforming your professional outlook can be quick and easy thanks to bootcamps. We are talking about specialised intensive training that covers different branches of the digital sector. It lasts for around two months on average, has a practical focus, and seeks to cover employers' demand for labour. In addition, it does not require previous qualifications.

    On the back of the digital revolution, new professions specialising in technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are flourishing at a rate the job market can't keep pace with. In an attempt to fill this gap, companies are offering staff training to optimise their performance (upskilling) or to "recycle" them for a different post (reskilling). Let's take a look at the benefits of these trends.

  • In a constantly changing job market, exist a profile that is particularly good at adapting. These are knowledge nomads, otherwise known as knowmads. They are highly flexible, creative workers with a collaborative spirit. Also, they're passionate about their jobs and they have no boundaries.

    Very often, toxic thought patterns take a hold of us and stop us from realising our full potential. Don't surrender to these negative psychological processes! You can change them, but you need to know how. Set yourself a clear goal, be tough, consistent, and have positive mindset. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.