Innovation is one of the main tools for a company to guarantee its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. In our case, our continued commitment to innovation has made us the most innovative Spanish utility, and the third most innovative in Europe, according to the European Commission's classification.

  • Drugs that are released into the bloodstream at the first sign of infection, buildings that react to weather conditions or mobile phone screens that repair themselves... These are just some of the possible applications of so-called smart materials, the latest revolution in the field of materials science.

    New technologies have changed the world and the rules of the game in many industries. The food industry, on the other hand, is still wondering how to apply innovations such as big data or the Internet of Things (IoT) to its business. The challenges for the sector are numerous, including food sustainability, and the foodtech industry is leading the way.

  • Industry 4.0 is the origin of a new revolution — the much-hailed Fourth Industrial Revolution — a fusion of leading-edge production techniques and smart systems that integrate with organisations and people. Come with us on a journey through the technologies driving this process and its accelerating advance.

    Nowadays, almost 6,500 million connected devices share information over the Internet. In 2025, this figure will rise up to 20,000 million. Big data analyses this "sea of data" to convert it into the information that is transforming our world.

  • The transition to sustainable mobility and transport electrification are crucial to halting climate change and saving the planet. In the medium term, electric vehicles will replace those with combustion engines, a change that requires research and development of more durable, efficient electric batteries — the core of these vehicles — which must also be kinder to the environment.

    We live in the age of technology, but there's still plenty to come. In recent years, large companies have been taking small — but important steps — forward in quantum computing, which looks set to revolutionise the world as we know it. The following selection of potential applications will impact everything from mobility to healthcare.