We contribute to progress in society, that is the reason why we go all in with the promotion of initiatives, subventions and solidary programs that encourage equity, education and development.

  • Alongside the digital revolution, the education sector has seen far-reaching changes in the last decade, creating a new reality in classrooms. Along with a boom in Educational Technology (EdTech), an infinite number of tools and applications have emerged and have become part of students' and teachers' daily lives. They are tools capable of providing students with tailor-made learning experiences.

    The democratisation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which facilitate access to thousands of information, work and leisure opportunities, is fundamental in today's society and their use must be independent of each person's condition. The objective of digital inclusion is to ensure that, for example, the elderly or those with less purchasing power or with motor, intellectual or audio-visual disabilities are not left out of a world that offers infinite possibilities.

  • Mobile phones, tablets, laptops: the proliferation of digital devices is becoming a problem for the planet because once they come to the end of their useful lives — every year almost 50 million tons of technological scrap is generated — their recycle rate is poor. Improving it is vital to slowing climate change and avoiding harm to the environment.

    In the era of digitalisation, law needs to be adapted to protect and safeguard fundamental rights. Digital rights, closely linked to freedom of expression and privacy, are those that allow people to access, use, create and publish digital media, as well as access and use computers, other electronic devices and communications networks.

  • Climate change is a reality. Scientific evidence shows that its effects, which are already occurring at an unprecedented rate, could be disastrous for the planet in the coming decades. Iberdrola has prepared a document (Science of Climate Change 2020. Present and Future) which brings together scientific information to make it easier to understand this global problem.

    The curator Lola Durán Úcar recreates, in the exhibition La Gran Bóveda de Aldeadávila (The Great Vault of Aldeadávila), the monumental work of the sculptor Pablo Serrano, who succeeded in harmonising nature and technology. Durán feels that now more than ever - with COVID-19 taking its toll - artistic creation is needed, because art can calm this widespread despondency. And she approaches the exhibit with this enthusiasm, so that the visitor can witness the commitment of its creator to the human race, its existence and its circumstances.