We contribute to progress in society, that is the reason why we go all in with the promotion of initiatives, subventions and solidary programs that encourage equity, education and development.

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau has devoted his life to the sea, and he is watching how human beings are abusing it with a mixture of amazement and concern. One example is the ever-increasing amount of plastic in the water. However, the French explorer has not given up hope and is optimistic about the future, provided that each and every one of us commits to this maxim: "By protecting the ocean, you protect yourself".

    The number of women who currently play sport or who closely follow sporting events is steadily increasing. This increase is a result of changes that took place in schools in the 1970s.

  • Fancy trying something new this summer? Surfing in calm waters with a board and a paddle is relatively cheap and easy to learn. Let's have some fun!

    What happens if you mix the best of water polo, basketball and canoeing? You're playing kayak polo. We found out all its secrets for you.