We are undertaking activities to incentivise internal mobility: a professional and personal experience, both positive and enriching

Mobility programs, training and professional development plans and cultural exchange are the cornerstones of our model.

Career advancement: culture of growth, creation of value and ongoing improvement: international mobility, multicultural teams, talent management, fostering leadership.

 International Scholarship Program and Research Grants

 Open Innovation and Collaborations

At Iberdrola we understand training and development as key factors for the success of the organisation and the personal and professional satisfaction of our employees.

We design specific policies and programmes to endow our employees with the necessary qualifications to carry out their functions and encourage a culture of growth, value creation and ongoing improvement that allows them to take on new responsibilities in the future.

At Iberdrola we also emphasise intellectual capital, an aspect of paramount importance derived from the people who make up our company, its operating and organisational structures, and the structures for internal and external relations with all the stakeholders. To disseminate and share the knowledge existing within the Group, we encourage lifelong and ongoing learning and cultural exchange.

The global mobility programs are another determining factor in professional development in Iberdrola. They are aimed at identifying and locating human capital where it contributes most value, guaranteeing a good professional, personal and family experience. In order to favour opportunities for internal promotion and international mobility, a single employment channel has been set up to allow over 32,772 workers to access and apply for internal vacancies in all countries in line with their profile.

Here are some of the most important initiatives, projects and actions in the area of professional development:

  • Promotion of international mobility and work in multicultural teams.
  • Review of the programs and initiatives in the Management School and launch of the mobile version of e-leaders, a virtual environment for managers.  
  • Implementation of a comprehensive model of training and professional development in all countries.
  • Global process for identifying professionals with potential for executive development.
  • Campaign to foster gender equality in the selection processes.
  • Consolidation of the model of talent management and leadership development at the international level.
  • International training quality certification.
  • Definition and implementation of the global development roadmap for the Iberdrola Group.
  • Global organisation of management talent.
  • New programs launched at the School of Management.
  • Extension of global internal vacancy postings.