We are committed to a model of learning that combines experience, relationships and training

A key factor for performance at work, adapting to change and professional development.

In 2017 Iberdrola multiplied by four the training hours per employee compared to the European average1 Nota thanks to the promotion of programs and iniciatives aimed at contributing to the excellence of its workforce.

Faith in training is a key part of the human resource policy at Iberdrola. It is an essential element for:

  • Professional growth for job performance.
  • Keep Iberdrola's employees updated regarding the last technological and organisational changes.
  • Adaptation of new employees to the company.
  • Better professional development, which promote their professional growth inside the company.

At Iberdrola we want all employees to feel encouraged and supported to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that allow them to perform well in their current role and in the future. For this reason, a new corporative campus which includes training has been created in Madrid during 2016.

 Internal training and development programs at Iberdrola group

70/20/10 Model of Learning. 70% experience, 20% relationship and 10% education.

We advocate the
Model of Learning”

We constantly learn in a variety of ways. At Iberdrola group, we advocate the 70/20/10 Model of Learning which indicates that:

  • 70% of learning takes place on the job (experience).
  • 20% of learning comes from other people (relationships).
  • 10% of learning comes from a formal training situation (education).

At Iberdrola, we work so that our employees can secure the training and development they need not only for meeting the current requirements for their job description, but also for satisfying future needs in view of the onset of new technologies, equipment, instruments, etc., or even the need to assume greater responsibilities in their area of activity.

We also look after the dissemination of the company's existing knowledge, continuous learning, and cultural exchange, in order to enhance operational efficiency through the proper use of intellectual capital, as outlined in the Knowledge Management Policy. [PDF]


1 Nota According to PwC, based on Iberdrola's activity in 2016, employment worldwide includes indirect jobs and induced impact.