Over 300 young students will participate in the Iberdrola internship program during 2017-2018

The goal of the Iberdrola internship program in Spain is to help undergraduate university students, Master's degree student in different disciplines and young students enrolled in the Work Centre Training subject of the Higher Education Training Cycles find a job.

Intership programs at Iberdrola.

We wish to offer the opportunity to participate in the internship programs of different departments of the company throughout Spain, during the illustrative period between January and July 2018, to the following students:


Designed for: Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Administration, Economics and Law students, as well as students studying other degrees.

Number of internship positions:

  • 170 for Engineering degrees.
  • 80 for Economics and Business Administration degrees.
  • 25 for other University degrees (Law, Mathematics, etc.).

Period (approximate): January to July 2018.

Timetable: de 9:00 a 13:00 h.

Type of internship: curricular and extra-curricular subjects.


  • Being enrolled in a university or post-graduate degree.
  • Being enrolled en los integrated employment service or employment cooperation programmes of the student's institution.
  • Meeting the requirements of the cooperation programmes at the institution.

Enrolment: already completed.


Designed for: mainly for students of the Electricity and Electronics fields enrolled in the Work Centre Training subject (WCT).

Number of internship positions:

  • 50 for Higher Professional Education cycles associated with Energy and Administration).

Period (approximate): March to June 2018.

Timetable: de 8:00 a 15:00 h.

Enrolment: already completed.


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