We train the best team

The Group manages talent from a global perspective and promotes mobility and rotation.

Our employees play a decisive role in a multinational company such as Iberdrola. The Development and Executive Management Team works to help drive company performance and increase the effectiveness of the organisation by equipping our employees with the skills and competencies required to perform effectively today, and preparing them for new challenges and experiences to assume higher responsibilities in the future.

We offer challenges and development opportunities for employees with high potential


Iberdrola is a multinational company, therefore, it needs to manage talent from a global perspective:

  • Promoting mobility and rotation as key drivers for professional and personal growth in addition to more traditional learning and development activities.
  • Offering challenges and new experiences for high potential professionals so they can be exposed to new situations, gain visibility, develop and probe their capabilities and skills.
  • Creating a senior management team that reflects our company diversity, recognised as a source of competitive advantage.

The Development and Executive Management Team promotes the following areas:

  • The definition of the Development Model.
  • The design and implementation of a global talent review process.
  • The management of training and developing executives on a worldwide level through the comprehensive School of Management at the Campus Iberdrola.
  • The management and implementation of development programmes for professionals through global development resources and local development programs.

Based on the 70/20/10 Model, we organise the following global programmes:

  • The Executive development programme, to keep the skills and business knowledge base of the executive team up to date.
  • The Leadership programme, to help build the future leaders of Iberdrola.
  • The Programme for developing competencies, that offers a varied development resource catalogue for those employees committed to their own development.
  • The MBA in the Global Energy Industry, designed in collaboration with the Iberdrola Management School and taught by the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid and by Strathclyde University Business School in Glasgow, for the development of the company's human team. José Sainz Armada, Iberdrola CFO, stated that: "the business grows and moves forward when its professionals grow and develop their talent".