Transparency and equal opportunities

The transparency of our Recruitment and Selection policy [PDF] is based on three key principles:

1 - Principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities.

2 - Principle of universal recruitment.

3 - Selection based on the applicants' merit and skills.


The final goal is to identify the person most suited to each job. To do so, we attend Job Fairs, we have signed Educational Cooperation Agreements and trained grantees from the university and vocational training systems.

The use of new and innovative methods in the selection process also enables us to analyse the applicants' profiles in-depth and obtain measurable proof of their skills and merit. Specifically, this evidence focuses on:

  • The applicants' potential as regards attitude
  • Their personality traits
  • Their competitive profile
  • Their style when working on a team
  • Their leadership and subordination projection
  • Their interests and motivation
  • Their suitability to the job

Throughout the entire selection process, the Code of Ethics must be respected at all times, complying with the Data Protection Act.


Skills-based selection seeks to identify in the applicants the set of attitudes, behaviours and motivation required on the job to:

  • Achieve results
  • Customer service
  • Work as a team
  • Initiative
  • Relate to people
  • Leadership
  • Global outlook
  • Flexibility and activating change
  • Developing people

The level of adaptation and alignment of the candidate with the Mission, Vision and Values of Iberdrola will also be evaluated during the selection process.


Taking into account the principles and objectives mentioned above, the Evaluation Methodology might vary in each country, according to its legislation and to the application of the best practices of the Candidate Evaluation Systems.