Designed with energy efficiency in mind

The Campus has been designed with sustainability criteria and values in mind during all of its design and construction phases, from choosing its location to commissioning the complex.

The Campus is made up of a set of functional, sustainable and independent buildings, which are interconnected with a top roof structure that "flies" over the buildings, creating a second skin and connecting them with streets, all of which are connected to a main large plaza.

Such a roofing structure, or canopy, generates a bio-climate inside, reducing the cold and hot water production for cooling and heating the buildings, as it minimises the thermal load generated on the façades. In addition, it results in a significant reduction in the atmospheric emissions of CO2.

The Campus also implements specific measures to reduce the use of water. A system has been established to collect rainwater, which will be used for watering and hosing the complex, as well as a system that collects and treats the grey water from the hall of residence for its sanitary use.

Likewise, the complex has different areas with solar thermal and photovoltaic energy panels to generate clean energy.

The Iberdrola Campus aspires to be certified with the Golden LEED for sustainable building, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which encourages the design and construction of sustainable buildings, the efficient use of resources and, in general, the reduction of the impact of buildings on the environment.