Committed to training young people and to protecting our environment

150 students have already benefitted from the 2017/18 International Scholarship Program, to which Iberdrola has allocated 3.7 million euros to train top-level professionals of the energy sector.

The Iberdrola International Master's Scholarship Program has been designed for students in their senior year or recent graduates who wish to continue studying at the top universities of the world. The 2017/18 edition, with 150 scholarships given by the company, has allocated 3.7 million euros so these new talents could continue with their studies at prestigious universities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For another year, the Royal Household of Spain has lent its support to the initiative. Therefore, HRM King Felipe, received some of the students and young researchers participating in the Iberdrola International Scholarship Program at Zarzuela Palace.

During the event, Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola, stressed that: "Iberdrola firmly believes in new generations as the main driving agents behind the transformation of our world into a better world", highlighting the group's effort to training on environmental, energy and sustainability matters. In addition, Ignacio Galán mentioned that "in a way, this Scholarship Program is proof of our firm commitment to training and establishing research as the pillars of employability and the development of knowledge and thought".

Some of the students thanked the company for the opportunity to participate in such an exclusive training program. David Peinador stated that "the scholarship has allowed me to study at one of the best universities in the world, in one of the best programs in my field of research, which is the Master's in Applied Mathematics of the University of Cambridge". Similarly, Jorge Alejo, another scholarship recipient, explained that "the scholarship has allowed me to learn more about renewable energies, which is the field in which I wish to work, mainly because these will be the sources of energy of the future".

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