We are a compendium of cultures and talents

We work towards cultural diversity and develop actions to raise awareness of functional diversity.

The Iberdrola Group has several policies worldwide to prevent discrimination and encourage respect for diversity and the effective equality between men and women in access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions. They also support workers with functional diversity, and promote their integration in the workplace.

The companies in the Group are committed to creating an inclusive environment, as by pooling everyone's individual talents we can ensure greater richness.

To do so, we have procedures in place to prevent any discrimination for reasons of: race, colour, gender, language, creed, political outlook, place of birth or social background, social status, indigenous background, disability, health, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or any other condition of a person unrelated to the requirements for undertaking his or her job.



In our company, we support employees with functional diversity, promoting their integration into a business environment and training them. To achieve this goal, we adopt the measures necessary to adapt and simplify access to jobs for these professionals based on the requirements and characteristics of the job post and the needs of each specific situation.

An example is the strategic alliance of the company with the Down's Syndrome Foundation of Madrid, with the support provided to the Occupational Centre in Tres Olivos, thanks to which one hundred workers with Down's syndrome or forms of intellectual disability are trained every year to optimise their skills and to facilitate and promote their integration in ordinary work environments. Iberdrola has received an award in the 2017 STELA Awards (organised by Down Madrid) as a result of its commitment to the labour market integration of the disabled during 2016.

Other actions started in Spain are:

  • Family Plan. To assist employees who have first-degree family members with some sort of disability, we offer this programme in Spain with the aim of facilitating the integration of these individuals in the labour and social world through a personalised assistance plan.
  • Social aid. We provide this type of assistance to help with the social needs of any of our employees' children, spouse or partner with a certified disability.
  • ComunicA Service. We have a video-interpretation option to handle enquiries made by users with hearing disabilities and offer them personalised advice.
  • Summer camps. We organise these summer activities for children of our employees with functional diversity and even volunteer actions for integrating persons with different abilities.
  • Hello-Hola and Mi invitado (My guest) cultural exchanges between employees' children in Spain, United Kingdom and United States.