A safe and healthy workplace throughout the whole group

We pursue a goal of continuing improvement in all areas of management of the prevention of workplace risks.

Occupational health & safety: 5 essential principles: we follow our processes, rules and procedures; we foster health and welfare, inside and outside the workplace; we only accept work we are qualified to handle.

 Five essential principles for workplace health and safety [PDF]

The health and safety of our employees is paramount for the Iberdrola group, that has reduced its incident rate by 43% in the last five years at close of 2017. It is part of the vision and values of the Iberdrola group and is central in our decisions and everything we do.

The group thus has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy [PDF] approved by the company's Board of Directors.

To pursue the goal of zero accidents and the best workplace safety conditions, our Strategic Occupational Health and Safety Plan sets out the corporate occupational risk prevention policy, which contains the following basic targets:

  • To achieve a gradual reduction in accident rates in all businesses in the international Iberdrola group.
  • To continue improving occupational safety conditions and making increasingly healthier workplaces.
  • To promote a culture of excellence and coordinate global preventive actions in the companies in the international group.

Occupational health & safety: zero unsafe situations for a goal of zero accidents: progressive reduction of accident rates ; gobal preventive action; even healthier workplaces ; culture of excellence; ongoing improvements in safety conditions.


  • Campaign 2016-2017: "Healthy jobs at any age"

    Iberdrola works in partnership with leading institutions in the field of Occupational Health and Safety at the country level and internationally. Among our multiple current partnerships, our company has been associated with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in the 2016-2017 European Campaign: "Healthy jobs at any age" with the aim of promoting the notion that safe and healthy working conditions throughout the whole of a person's work life are good for workers, companies and society as a whole.

     Healthy Workplaces      "Healthy jobs at any age" campaign

  • Global health and safety system

    This system is deployed across all companies in the Group through a Global Occupational Health and Safety System.

    This Group-wide global health and safety system is aligned with our policy and the most stringent international standards, incorporating the Group's best practices in all the countries where we are present.

    The pillars of this global system are leadership, responsibility, preventive culture, commitment, professionalism, education, qualification and the participation of all workers in the Group. Another principle is that our contractors are our collaborators, whom we engage to participate in our preventive culture.

    This Global System is the Group's wherewithal for continual improvement, unwavering on the path to attain the best practices regardless of the country, and creating global knowledge with the lessons learned from all incidents and occurrences to prevent their recurrence at any part of the Iberdrola Group.

    This Global System is implemented through a global organisation of the Iberdrola Group in Occupational Health and Safety to whom all local Health and Safety areas report. Together they form a global team, although the essential responsibility for preventive action falls upon the company, and hence on its hierarchical organisation, which is responsible for incorporating the policies, criteria, procedures and preventive guidelines in all activities and at all levels of the organisation through its executive or decision-making capacity.

    Iberdrola's goal is zero accidents and the prevention of unsafe situations, which is why more ambitious targets are set every year at all executive levels. These objectives target results in both accident rates as well as the steps proactively taken in the Group to reduce incidents.

  • Preventive programs

    As part of our Health and Safety System, all our businesses in each country have ambitious preventive programs in different areas:

    • Continuous improvement in equipment and facilities.
    • Improvement in operating procedures.
    • Continuous and quality training. 218,000 ORP-specific training hours were given in the group in 2017.
    • Recognition of the Health and Safety achievements and the best ideas, supporting innovation and engaging the participation of group employees.
    • Audits, inspections and supervisions: over 82,000 in 2017.
    • Learning based on all the incidents occurring in all countries, exchanging information to prevent recurrence at another site.
    • Hazard identification and risk assessments to establish mitigating preventive measures.
    • The Iberdrola group conducts preventive health monitoring of its employees through its own or outsourced medical services, who track their health and provide regular medical exams.
    • Awareness-raising and sensitisation campaigns in all aspects for improving our health and safety: cardiovascular risk prevention, cancer prevention, prevention in road safety, education in healthy lifestyles, etc.
    • Participation teams, continuous improvement in safe conduct and excellence in preventive culture: over 5,668 workers are on RADAR programme teams.
    • Certifications of our management systems according to the international standard OHSAS 18001.
    • Multiple occupational health and safety committees comprising the company and worker representatives.
  • Outcome

    Thanks to all these actions, the results throughout the Iberdrola group have improved significantly over recent years:

    • Iberdrola España was honoured in the third edition of the 2016 Healthy Company Awards (Spain) in recognition of its management of healthy habits programs and particularly for its cardiovascular prevention plan.
    • In 2016, Elektro and Cosern as distributors of the Neoenergia Group, were placed 1st and 3rd in Brazil as the best distributors for accident rates among companies with over 2,000 own employees and between 501 and 2,000 own employees respectively.
    • For our own employees, the incident rate (accidents involving more than one lost day 100 workers) dropped by 43% in the last 5 years at close of 2017.
    • For contractors, there has been a 18% reduction in the lost time incidence rate in the last 5 years at close of 2017.