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Over the years, Iberdrola has promoted the involvement of its Stakeholders in the company to encourage long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust. For this reason, we are again publishing the 'Shareholder's Guide', which provides complete information on the next General Shareholders' Meeting, which is scheduled to be held at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao.

 2019 Shareholder's Guide [PDF]

Iberdrola was the first Spanish company — and a pioneer worldwide — to adopt a Shareholder Involvement Policy [PDF] that clearly set out the company's commitment to dialogue with and closeness to its shareholders. One of its principles is a proactive search for two-way interaction with shareholders in order to involve them in company life and increase their sense of belonging.

The General Shareholders' Meeting is, without a shadow of doubt, the most important way for shareholders to participate and, because of this, we at Iberdrola are trying each year to improve their experience and make it more accessible, transparent and inclusive, by applying the ISO 20121 international standard for sustainable event management systems. The 2019 General Meeting will be a significant step forward in this direction as a proposal will be made to include in the Iberdrola by-laws the company's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the United Nations.


The 2019 Shareholder's Guide presents the items on the agenda and explains in full detail the initiatives and incentives with which the Iberdrola group actively promotes the attendance and participation of its shareholders.

The 2019 Shareholder Day will take place at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao on 29 March 2019 starting at 09:00 am. All shareholders who wish to do so, may go to Plaza Iberdrola, in the Exhibition Hall, a space dedicated to the Iberdrola group's strategy for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and innovation.

They will also be able to view a work of art by Daniel CanogarRáfagas (2018) —, an Internet-connected animation in which the words of four of the major international agreements on climate change (the Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol and Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit) change their configuration in real time because of the direction and force of the wind in the cities in which these texts were signed, with the aim of raising our awareness of the fragility of the planet and the sustainability it needs.

Iberdrola actively encourages its shareholders to participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting, which is a sustainable, inclusive and accessible event.#RRSSIberdrola actively encourages its shareholders to participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting, which is a sustainable, inclusive and accessible event.

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  • Attendance premium of €0.005 gross per share, whether present or with a proxy.
  • Gift for the shareholders who go to the Meeting or the help desks.
  • Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish, Basque, English and Portuguese.
  • Invitation to use the tram — a non-polluting form of transport — completely free during the morning of the Meeting.

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At Iberdrola we want to find out first hand what the interests of our shareholders are through dialogue and participation. We're waiting for you!

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