Iberdrola is rewarded with Copa Stadium Award for its commitment to women's sports

The company renews its support for the Women's Universe program (November 2017).The company renews its support for the Women's Universe program (November 2017).

The emergence of Spanish sports occurred during the first few years of the 20th century. Cycling and sports of British origin — such as football and tennis — experienced a boom at that time, precipitating the creation of numerous sports clubs and federations. This then made it necessary to define their rules of operation and to manage their competitions and titles.

The Catalonian model of sports organisation was a pioneer in Spain at that time. It was there that the idea was born to create an organisation which groups together all of the Catalonian federations and clubs. And thus, the Sports Confederation of Catalonia (Confederación Deportiva de Cataluña) was born on 21 January 1922, bringing together all Catalan sports entities and providing them with a common framework for action. This confederation created the Copa Stadium in June 1923 at the initiative of the Stadium magazine as a tribute to the journalist José María Casares, who had died two years earlier. The annual award was established to acknowledge the Catalonian organisation or entity that best demonstrates the importance of sports.

The Lawn Tennis Association of Catalonia (Federación Catalana de Tenis) was the first to secure the honours of the Copa Stadium for its organisational success in the Indoor World Championship that was held in Barcelona in February 1923. Since then, the award has been granted without interruption (except for 1936-1940) to entities and organisations from different disciplines, such as football, swimming, tennis, horse riding, and canoeing throughout all of Spain, as the scope of the prize recipients was extended in 1941 to encompass the entirety of the national territory. Barcelona Football Club (Fútbol Club Barcelona), with its five trophies, and the Covadonga, Group with its four, are currently at the top of the rankings.

Timeline of the Copa Stadium Award.#RRSSTimeline of the Copa Stadium Award.

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Because of its prominence, the award was one of the few that survived the arrival of the National Sports Awards, bestowed by the Higher Sports Council since 1983. The Copa Stadium was incorporated into these awards. The awards, which currently have over ten categories, include trophy categories such as the best male Spanish athlete of the year (Rey Felipe Prize) and the best female athlete of the year (Reina Letizia Prize).

At the 2016 awards, the Higher Sports Council granted Iberdrola the Copa Stadium for its special contribution to the promotion of sports throughout the year for activities such as its collaboration with the Universo Mujer programme.

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