In just over a year, drivers will be able to travel across Spain in an electric vehicle

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By the end of 2019, the main Spanish motorways, traffic corridors and public areas in the major cities of Spain's geography will be equipped with fast charging stations at least every 100 km. This means drivers can make it from the country centre to their favourite seaside destination without the worry of running out of power.

The Iberdrola group Smart Mobility Plan signals a significant step forward in developing and deploying electric vehicles in Spain.

Drive all the way across Spain in an electric vehicle with the Smart Mobility Plan.#RRSSDrive all the way across Spain in an electric vehicle with the Smart Mobility Plan.

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We tell all about the Smart Mobility Plan

Nationwide coverage

In little more than a year's time, Iberdrola will have installed more than 200 charging stations, at least one every 100 km on the main roadways. The network will cover all six radial roads stemming from Madrid — North Motorway (A1), Northeast Motorway (A2), East Motorway (A3), South Motorway (A4), Southwest Motorway (A5) and Northwest Motorway (A6) —, as well as Spain's three main traffic corridors — Mediterranean, Cantabrian and Silver Route —, and will cover all the provincial capitals and major cities across the Spanish geography.

Fast, super fast and ultra fast charging stations

The charging stations will have 50kW (fast), 150kW (super fast) and 350kW (ultra fast) of power to charge most of the battery in approximately 20 to 30 minutes, or just 5 to 10 minutes at ultra fast recharging stations, depending on the vehicle. Furthermore, each station will be able to charge between 2 and 7 vehicles at a time, bringing the number of fast charging points to 400 throughout the network.

100% green energy

The electricity supplied at these charging points will be 100% green and certified with a renewable origin guarantee, ensuring that this energy comes from clean generation sources. To achieve its goal, Iberdrola has reached agreements and is in talks with partners — mainly hotels, restaurant chains and service stations — to deploy that network, which will prioritise locations close to the road that offer a wide variety of services.

Easy process from the mobile phone

Users will be able to charge their vehicles, regardless of whether or not they are Iberdrola customers, by using the app for mobile devices developed by the company under its Smart Mobility Plan. Thanks to Iberdrola's Public Charging App, electric vehicle drivers will be able to conveniently geolocate, book and pay for their recharge on their mobile phones. The app also allows users to go to other charging points owned by partner companies.

A reality in 2018

The first 30 stations will be up and running by the end of 2018, while the rest — up to 200 according to the plan — will be commissioned in 2019. But the group's ultimate goal is even more ambitious: over the next four years, Iberdrola plans to see 25,000 electric vehicle charging points set up in Spain.

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The implementation of Iberdrola's Smart Mobility Plan aims to keep up with the pace of electric vehicle deployment in Spain.

10 reasons to drive an electric car

  • No registration tax
  • 75% less car tax
  • A minimum 12-year lifespan and less breakdowns
  • Access to restricted areas to individuals
  • Up to 400 km battery life
  • There are more charging points all the time
  • Free parking or discounts in the majority of parking areas
  • Driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle
  • Just €0.50 per 100 km, as opposed to €11.20 for gasoline powered cars
  • Driving a quiet car

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10 reasons to drive an electric car.#RRSS10 reasons to drive an electric car.

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