What is OLS?

On Line Shareholders. An interactive system for our shareholders.

On-Line Shareholders is an interactive system that allows you, as a shareholder of Iberdrola, to quite easily:

1. Ask questions or request clarifications, regarding the Company or your status as a shareholder, either confidentially or openly to other shareholders, 365 days per year.

2. View the most frequently asked questions and answers and access legal and corporate documentation.

3. Make queries regarding the ethical principles of the Group or make complaints through the Shareholders' Ethics Mailbox.

4. Request information or clarifications or ask questions regarding the items on the agenda for the General Shareholders' Meeting.

5. Cast your vote or grant a proxy at the General Shareholders' Meeting electronically.

6. Download a copy of your attendance, proxy and absentee voting card for the General Shareholders' Meeting.

7. Watch the General Shareholders' Meeting deferred.

8. Calculate the attendance bonus to which you are entitled for participating in the General Shareholders' Meeting.

You just have to access with your user name and password and you can take advantage of all these benefits that Iberdrola makes available to you.