Iberdrola's global response to Covid-19

We are continuing our operations for the benefit of our Stakeholders

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Iberdrola group is continuing its operations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, thus fulfilling its commitments to its Stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, and society in general. Since the pandemic started the company has launched a comprehensive action plan to ensure continuity and quality of supply, as well as to protect the health and safety of people in the different countries in which it operates.

Iberdrola has placed all of its stakeholders at the heart of the crisis management. ..External link, open. The group's action protocols for COVID-19 were the first to be certified by AENOR worldwide and the incidence rate of the disease among employees is much lower than average in the countries in which Iberdrola operates. In continental Europe, the company's professionals are already working at its offices, while in the other countries progress is being made towards drafting reintegration plans in accordance with current regulations. According to a report produced by Merco, Iberdrola is the most responsible company in the electricity sector in terms of its commitment and social responsibility toward the COVID-19 pandemic.In terms of suppliers, Iberdrola has made purchases worth 18 billion euros since the beginning of the pandemic, highlighting a supply chain that generates 400,000 jobs worldwide, which will be around 500,000 in 2025.

Iberdrola group activated its global action plan to fight the pandemic from the first moments the threat was perceived. The company, which proudly supplies power to more than 100 million people, has implemented more than 150 measures around the world to ensure energy reaches every customer in every region, as well as bolster the service in 350 hospitals, healthcare centres and other essential infrastructure. In addition, in coordination with the authorities, Iberdrola donated 400 respirators, more than four million masks, 242,000 coveralls and 30,000 pairs of protective goggles worth 30 million euros.

Among other measures, Iberdrola has approved plans to allow customers bill payment facilities and to keep vulnerable consumers, particularly elderly people and people with disabilities, connected, as well as encouraging the use of digital customer service channels in all countries.


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Iberdrola Group's measures against coronavirus



We donate 1,000 masks for people with disabilities

These reusable masks have a transparent window that facilitates communication and are duly homologated.


We donate 50 respirators to continue to battle against COVID-19

We provided the Spanish army with 50 respirators to be used in hospitals classed as priority centres by the healthcare authorities.


Smart Meter Installation — COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance

At ScottishPower we want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to keep you safe during the installation of our meters.


New learning opportunities for children and families

We have presented an amusing and attractive way to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to Children's University Scotland and ScottishPower.


Uninterrupted customer service

Avangrid is providing uninterrupted customer service during the pandemic while following health and work-from-home protocols.


We are donating 500,000 dollars to help society recover from the coronavirus

Avangrid Renewables is donating $500,000 in corporate funds to over 30 local medical care and nutritional organisations.


We reinforce prevention against COVID-19 among our employees

We increase the care with our more than 14,000 professionals by using an online health platform, provision of masks, massive testing and awareness campaigns.


We deliver solar panels to health and educational institutions in three states

Aiming to contribute to philanthropic health and educational institutions, we delivered in 2020 generation equipment that sum up a 350.42 kWp installed capacity.


Delivering 900 inclusive face masks

We have delivered more than 900 inclusive masks aimed at people with hearing disabilities, manufactured by the company's employees.


We support the heroes fighting COVID-19

Iberdrola recognises the work done by the doctors whose efforts and dedication have made them our heroes and heroines in recent months.

Discover the other measures put in place in Mexico




Iberdrola External link, opens in new window. has released an action plan [PDF] External link, opens in new window. to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on its customers. Through it, the company guarantees the continuity of the energy supply in the country, reinforcing digital channels to serve customers and implementing a series of measures to make it easier for households to pay bills. Specifically, it is allowing its residential customers to pay in instalments over 12 months without additional surcharges and extend the payment period for bills issued in March and April for a period of 90 days.


Iberdrola External link, opens in new window. has implemented a special plan to support its customers during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the health and safety of its workers. The company will give its residential and professional customers the possibility of paying invoices in various instalments and at no additional cost. The plan also ensures the supply of energy, especially for the emergency services, implements teleworking for all its employees and encourages digital and telephone customer service channels.


With the aim of supporting families and small and medium-sized companies, Iberdrola External link, opens in new window. has decided not to apply interest to customers who have unpaid or overdue bills and it will allow the payment of overdue bills to be divided into a maximum of 12 instalments. 



A pioneer at 78 m

Esther Bayo, a technical officer at Iberdrola, was the first woman in Europe to work on a wind farm.


Find out how we coordinated the delivery of 80 tons of equipment

Karina Jaczko, head of property and building management at Iberdrola, tells us about the delivering of more than 80 tons of medical equipment.



The importance of mental health during the pandemic

People's mental health has suffered during the pandemic: stress, anxiety, anguish, etc.


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