We contribute to protect the most vulnerable sectors of society

We collaborate with public administrations, different institutions and NGO to facilitate access to energy for economically disadvantaged people.

Committed to society.

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Iberdrola has implemented a Procedure to protect customers in a situation of vulnerability with the aim of ensuring energy supply for economically disadvantaged citizens. This includes energy supply under the social bonus, for pensioners or for families in which all members of the family unit are unemployed.

Prior to being included in the regulation the concept of social bonus, Iberdrola promoted the signing of agreements with various public institutions and NGO, in line with its aim of protecting customers who are unable to pay their gas and electricity bills.

Iberdrola with vulnerable groups.

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The company has already signed multiple agreements, among them with: the San Javier Council(*) Nota , the San Pedro del Pinatar Council(*) Nota , the Lorquí Council(*) Nota , the Comunidad de Madrid(*) Nota , the Regional Government of Extremadura(*) Nota , the Federación Galega de Municipios e Provincias(*) Nota , the Salamanca Council(*) Nota , the Lasarte-Oria Council(*) Nota , the Cruz Roja Galicia(*) Nota , the Unión Democrática de Pensionistas y Jubilados (UDP), the Irún Council(*) Nota , the A Coruña Council(*) Nota , Cruz Roja Canarias(*) Nota , the San Sebastián Council, the Mancomunidad de Servicios del Noroeste, the La Unión City Council(*) Nota , the Cruz Roja La Rioja(*) Nota , the Federación Andaluza de Municipios y Provincias(*) Nota , the Cantabria Government, Cruz Roja in Murcia, The Aragón Government, the Talavera de la Reina Council, the Torrevieja Council, the Logroño Council, the Cáceres Council, the Comunidad Foral de Navarra, the Elche Council, the Cruz Roja País Vasco, the Xunta de Galicia(*) Nota , la Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, the Generalitat Valenciana, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), the Valencia Council, the Alicante Council, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Council, the Bilbao Council, the Castellón Council and the Regional Government of Castile and León and the Regional Federation of Municipalities.

The agreements signed cover 100% of Iberdrola's domestic customers who may find themselves in a situation of vulnerability.

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These initiatives are in line with the spirit of the General Sustainable Development Policy, whereby Iberdrola undertakes to “serve economically disadvantaged customers or people in any other situation of vulnerability by establishing specific protection procedures and collaborating, in accordance with the policies established by the competent Public Administrations in each case, to facilitate ongoing access to electricity and gas supply”. This principle is also set out in the Sustainable Management Policy.

(*) Nota Spanish version.